Friday, February 8, 2008


so yesterday I dropped the kids off in the morning and I headed over to the craft store. I was driving along and then looked in my rear view mirror and sure enough, the flashing lights of a cop. My heart sank. I wasn't speeding, was I? No. So I pull over and he zooms past me, after the guy in front of me. Two people then pulled over and the lucky one in front, was safe as well. "Whew!" Has that ever happened to you, your blood pressure going up and down just that fast!?

I was grateful.

My Five...
1. "whew"! moments.
2. the generosity of others.
3. "surprise" guest at cards today. so glad you could come and I think you should take Friday's off permanently! ;)
4. My mom, and the way she made me laugh today, the way only she can.
5. the new scrappy girl Shawn delivers to for sending me a box of free stuff (my order; see below) Yeah!!!! so, thank you "Shelby". yes. that is her name.

A definite perk because of a friendly UPSer ;)

She has great sales if you want to check it out at

check this out:

(so I'm a little excited.)


kelly said...

I only wish every time I saw flashing lights behind me that they were after someone else.
I get a ticket every single time.
I even tried crying sympathy.

LL said...

fun scrappy stuff. I'm happy to know about a good website, it's hard to find anything really "scrappy" here in Boston!

Katie said...

When are you going to come over? Savannah is out of school all month so bring Jensen.

Candy said...


Amy said...

I tried crying WHILE I was luck.