Thursday, February 28, 2008

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Landon's 3rd Grade Program...

Tonight we went to Landon's Mickey Mouse program..It was really cute! The music teacher was awesome, she stood and played the piano while leading them! Great job Landon!

Today Jaxon told me about a dream he had that we were rich. He said: "I enjoyed that dream"! He's so funny. He's finally feeling better.

Today's 5...
1. Shawn getting home at 5:30!
2. Shawn making dinner, eggs-in-a-basket!
3. Third grade singers! Some of them really ham it up! Shawn and I were cracking up!
4. Celebrity Apprentice tonight! Thank you DVR...oh and Survivor!
5. Hair cuts (for the boys) from my mom!
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Candy said...

Tell that Landon how cute I think he is. I bet all the girls just love him.
ps, what are eggs in a basket? should I know?

Shelby said...

ok, eggs in a basket are the ultimate "mission dinner". You cut a hole in a piece of bread, spread with butter, and crack an egg in it and you cook it on the griddle..."egg" in a "basket". Our kids LOVE it!

Emily said...

I was so happy for you when I saw your hyubby home so early! He needs to do that in the summer so we can do a cherry hill evening with the hubbies! I smell summer.

nancy said...

Candy, the girls do love Landon! My daughter, Jessica, just loves him to death!!!! He's such a cutie. I love all your kids, Shelby.... And Jensen just feels like another one of my daughters... I love her to death!

Shelby said...

thank you Nancy, you are so sweet! I'm so glad you are just right down the street!