Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Five...

1. late-overs
2. Bukoos! I've been wanting to read "The Pillars of the Earth" and I got it there for $7 bucks! (If any of you have read it, will you please let me know how you liked it, please, before I read the 973 pages?)
3. Survivor- Mary didn't even see it coming! loved it.
4. Pineapple orange smoothie at Taco Time. de-lish.
5. Naartjie.


LL said...

i don't get it, what is #5?

late-overs! do you not let your kids have sleep overs? we don't either and McKay is convinced that we're the meanest parents EVER!
we do however allow late nights, that seems to ease the pain.

have a great weekend!

Shelby said...

Naartjie is a clothing store, way cute clothes!!! I love it. You should check it out at

sleepovers bad. lateovers good.

Candy said...

Todd happened to start listening to the Pillars of the Earth book on tape about a weeke before Oprah announced it. He is apx. half way through. He said it is "bad and good" whatever that means. he said the first 2 hrs. is a lot of character building and disscouraging scenes, but intriguing. You'll have to talk to him about it. He comes home everyday telling me about exerpts. He saids all in all facinating and the author does a great job.
-there's my novel of a comment.
Thanks for the lolly recipe. yum!

Candy said... HAVE to watch
I know, I know, trash, but
total guilty pleasure.

Katie said...

I love Naartjie too. I get the cutest stuff for Savannah there and they have good sales often.

kelly said...

How do you say that last word?

Heather said...


Shelby said...

Kelly, it's pronounced Narchee.