Friday, May 29, 2009

you say tricky bars Grandma...

...we say Monkey bars!

This girl is a pro.

Nothing brings me back to when I was a little girly

like the monkey bars!

Can't you just smell her, all hot from the sun?

and those blistery hands,

now all calloused over.

just think,

soon she'll be doing the cherry drop

on the uneven bars!

'tello '09

What FUN we had in Pocatello~!
Landon's team was participating in a tournament,
so we left after Lincoln's game on a Thursday night
and headed for Idaho...
Shawn's dad so kindly let us borrow his 5th wheel
and we stayed at the good old KOA
The kids absolutely loved the park
and sleeping in the trailer.
We had a BALL!
(stats of tournament: 2/2)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm dying to post current photos,
but drats to my memory card reader!
Oh well.
I've also missed doing 'my five'
so I'm going to reprise...

number one. this guy.
11 years ago.
number two. In honor of memorial day.
Miss you Grampa Joe and Grama June.

number three. This face. Dunno why.

number four. Best guacamole on the planet.
mmmmmmmmmm. I will always love you.

number five. team work.

"Stick to a task,
'Til it sticks to you.
Beginners are many,
Finishers are few.


Monday, May 25, 2009

you'll only ever have one...

my cute neighbor just emailed me this pic...
since my memory card reader isn't working,
I'm so excited to share this picture of linc
at his second grade program!
As he had a baseball game at exactly the same time,
it was torture for him to choose.
I'm thinking he made the right choice ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


landonbug turned 10...
how could he do that to me?!
On Saturday he celebrated with a double header
and cupcakes!
I asked if he was sad to be playing on his birthday
He said it's exactly what he would want to do!
He is having a ball (pun intended) playing competition baseball.
We've been to Pocatello and this weekend it's Provo for a tournament.
I LOVE watching him!
He just started pitching and is doing awesome.
We wish you a happy birthday Landon
we all love you very much!

Top 10 for Landon!
1. Landon is kind.
2. Landon is a worry wart ;)
3. Landon gives when others want.
4. He is sweet.
5. He's becoming a gentleman. I didn't even have to tell him
while we were on our date. He always opened the door for me!
6. He loves to make people laugh.
7. He is a good friend.
8. He's caring. He's the first one there when someone is hurt.
9. He loves animals.
10. He loves words of encouragement.

BTW, for our date, he wanted to go to Training Table for cheese fries!
Then we went to the mall and he picked out a Boston Redsocks jersey...
We had a great time!

p.s. I got some great pics of Landon pitching and hitting,
but my memory card reader is on the blitz, so as soon as that is fixed, I will post about Pocatello, etc.. Stay tuned!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

and the princess was seven...

For Jensyns birthday date,
I told her it was a surprise.
She would have to wait to find out.
As I was dropping her off to school this morning
I reached over and whispered softly in her ear:
"I'm taking you to a real, live tea party!"
(I got the exact reaction I was hoping for)
Hand raced to her mouth in disbelief and excitement!

Tea party at the Grand America Hotel.

it was enchanting.
I was giddy with excitement.
This is why I had to have a little girl!

It did not disappoint. (me, at least)
I have to admit she got a little bit bored.
But a 7-year-old can only sit for so long!~

so here is the princess with her dessert
and blowing out her candle.

The neatest thing happened.
The owner of the restaurant came over to greet us
and thank us for dining in his restaurant.
He had obviously mistaken us for someone else.
I explained to him the occasion.
He excused himself and said he would be right back.
I was skeptical.
But he held to his word
brought her this:
a single red long-stemmed rose.
He told her what a beautiful young lady she was.
She was beaming with apprehension and excitement.

Another fun thing was this neat glass they brought out.
It had something inside I was not familiar with.
I was about to politely ask what we were to do with it.
Luckily she came and explained:
It was a "bud" that when mixed with steaming water,
blossomed before our very eyes (in 1-2 minutes)
It was neat.

I had butterflies in my tummy the whole time.
Soft, live piano music playing in the background,
a roasting fire blazing near to us.
With the girl I most adore in my life.
I hope she felt special.
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he's 12

Tomorrow it happens.
He turns 12 years old.
memories are flooding back to me
a day that would never come
has come...

This is Shawn when he was about 12...
Jaxon loves animals and he sure loves Murph...
He also loves soccer and is playing again in the fall...

So for Jaxon's birthday date we went to "Dog on a Stick" at the mall (fancy, I know) and went to a movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens" (not my favorite), but he enjoyed it!

Well what can I say about Jaxon?
Here are 12 things...
1. He makes people laugh.
2. He has great hair.
3. His dad can do no wrong in his eyes ;)
4. He is obedient.
5. He takes scouting very seriously.
6. He tries to right his wrongs.
7. He is tender and loving.
8. He loves movies! (and tries to see every PG13 movie he can)
9. To say he likes to tease is an understatement.
10. Little kids love him i.e. Stratton and Beck.
11. He has an unvelievable imagination.
12. He is very loved.

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