Tuesday, February 24, 2009

there aren't many...

there aren't many times
when I say "my feet are freeeezing"
that he doesn't jump up and get me some socks
and puts them on my feet.

there aren't many times in the morning
that he doesn't kiss me on the cheek
before he leaves for work
and tucks me back in.

there aren't many times when I text him
to bring me home a diet coke
if he wants to play donkey kong,
that he doesn't come through the door,
diet coke in hand.

there aren't many times
when we go to the movie
that he doesn't head straight for the popcorn
and ask for extra butter.

not many times at all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i need a post...

25 random things about me:

1. I absolutely love lip gloss and I collect Avon flavored chapsticks.
2. I love to sleep. As a hobby.
3. I am left-handed.
4. I barely have a toenail on my pinky toe. It's seriously tiny and I can actually pull it out.
5. I like to be alone.
6. I like scary movies, but can't get anyone to go with me! Especially not my husband.
7. I was sad that it rained on my wedding day, even though it was only for a few minutes.
8. I can still do a backflip on my tramp.
9. I wish I could buy all my clothes at Ann Taylor Loft.
10. I battle depression. Right now I am winning.
11. I used to want to do sign as a profession.
12. I don't like my hair pulled back. I feel like I look like a boy.
13. I consider myself low maintenance.
14. My favorite show on T.V. is Dancing With The Stars. I love watching t.v. and I always have.
15. I want to learn how to make really good cinemon rolls.
16. I love watching my kids play sports.
17. I want my daughter to love ballet. So far, it's a no go.
18. I thought I never forgot a face... until I joined Facebook.
19. I really just try to do the best I can with what I have.
20. I am scared of sharks and deep water, yet fascinated by it.
21. I can't wait to see this world! I want to travel.
22. I can type freakishly fast.
23. I love to learn but I don't love school.
24. I have an addiction to Diet Coke right now.
25. I love me a good steak.

way too much about me!