Friday, September 18, 2009




You've been true to your promises.
I love you.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

someone lost her front tooth.

I think it's absolutely adorable.
it means she's growing up.
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who doesn't love a before and after?!

My cute neighbor gave me this dresser.
The boys were in dire need.
I asked them to choose a color and I would paint it.
You know what it's like for me to watch someone type?!
Well, it's the same for Shawn, watching me paint!
So, he ended up doing all the painting!

the boys really love having more space!
thanks babe!
(and Carrie!)

now just a couple more school shots i liked...

more than five:

1. Canning tomatoes with mom and sis. Thanks for teaching me mom!
2. "My sister's keeper" the movie. So good, but sad. I also really liked the book, even better.
3. It's almost our anniversary! I'm looking forward to our weekend getaway!
4. A routine.
5. 4 games every Saturday. I know. It's a lot, but so fun.
6. I feel Fall coming!

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