Friday, June 26, 2009

first crush.

He was the first poster I ever had in my room.
I almost gave my mom a heart attack.
I was young
and I thought I was in love...
I was looking forward to his "comeback"
(You have my permission to laugh)
to an icon.
1. A series of books I'm reading called "Abram's daughters"
by Beverly Lewis. Slow pace, but good.
2. Seeing the "New Moon" trailer on the big screen at the movie last night!
3. "The Proposal"-cute. see it.
4. "Transformers 2"-skip it.
5. All Stars starts tomorrow! Lincoln is super cute as the infield captain!

Monday, June 15, 2009

the inevitable...

Well with three boys, I knew trips to the ER would be inevitable.
Today Landon was hit with a baseball.
Right in the nose.
So, off we headed to InstaCare, (of course it was about 5 pm)
Landon was so nervous! He didn't want to go!
It was swollen and didn't look quite right.
(he wouldn't let me take a picture!)
He ended up with a tiny nondisplaced fracture (crack)
and it should heal on its own.
We are lucky.
BUT...doc cautioned him about rubbing or picking his nose!
If it gets bumped or hit again, it will surely break!
For good measure, I'm taking the x-ray to an ENT ASAP!!
A mom has to protect a handsome face.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

look at these littles!

This picture was taken when we lived in Ogden (2000-2005)
They had all just gotten out of the bath.
They all look so little and cute!
I love looking back
and looking ahead.

my five...
1. sports rained out/good break.
2. everything looks so vibrant and green after the rain!
3. when my kids were 1,2,4 and 6!

just three.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heather, you're going to LOVE this one...

another new nickname for Jensy:


I had a dream about a cupcake. this is not unusual for me.
It was strawberry flavored with banana cream icing!?
I became a cupcake caterer with my friend.
It was called
Thus, the name of the cupcake and my new nickname for Jensy!

five on a wednesday:
one. day 3 of summer and still raining on our parade!
two. visiting teaching. check.
three. loving my job, thank goodness!
four. please bring on the sun.
five. i sure love cupcakes.
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Monday, June 8, 2009


most of you know landonbug...
well, meet soccerbug!
One of the soccer moms took some great pictures of all our kids
and gave them to us on a CD. (thanks Tara!)
We're getting ready to start a new season with a "new team"
we've kept most of the original players and added a few great players!
It's going to be a great season for


we love watching you, Land!

(photos courtesy of Tara)

my 5...
1. the new KFC grilled chicken.
2. and do I dare admit that I like their mac-n-cheese?
3. and their biscuits?
4. ok enough KFC, it's a bit of a love affair right now.
5. homemade oreos.
wow. all five about food.

the graduate...

grandma and grandpa Smith with Jaxon
(he's hiding from the confetti)

The director, Karla, said something nice about each of the kids
and when Jaxon came up she said:
"Jaxon is our sports guy. He knows so much about sports,
I'm sure he'll be a sports announcer when he grows up!"
It was really cute.
I could tell Jaxon liked it.

This is Jaxon with his teacher, Ms. Sara.

I think he's happy to be heading into Junior High.
me, on the other hand...
not so much!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

how suite it is!

Aunt Sheri and cousin Stafford

hot dogs, cotton candy and baseball!
what could be "suite'r" than that?
Shawn's cute sister, Sheri, invited us to the Bee's game,
not only that, but in the suite!
What a fun way to celebrate the beginning of Summer!
The game went into extra innings
and the Bees won! The boys stayed for the fireworks,
Jensy and I headed home to bed and grab Jaxon from a late night.
We had so much fun!

Thanks, Sheri!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shawn being...(er, ummm, well)...shawn!

These loaded in the wrong order, but
the bottom picture I promised him was going on the blog,
and then I found,
sort of a "common theme"...

(Shawn caught being that dad at a soccer game)

(Shawn goofing off on Christmas Eve)

(Shawn vieing to be the center of attention at a halloween party)

(you get the idea)

but this one takes the cheesecake!

(I was begging Linc to get with his teacher for a picture
so of course Shawn runs over to get in the shot)
what can I say...
he keeps things

er, um, well...


Monday, June 1, 2009

cute catch

More baseball!
Landon is mostly catching and pitching for his team.
He is doing great!
I tried to get some pictures to blow up
and hang in his room for him.
Here are his grandparents supporting our Landon...

these next two are of his rocketfire swing!
can you see the ball coming in?

and next is the cutest catch ever!

My five:
1. the 'New Moon' movie trailer,
I'll never tell how many times I've watched it!
2. a back rub while working
3. early morning power walks
4. getting emails from my blackberry
5. this quote:
"Be Kind.
Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
-Marjorie Pay Hinckley