Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heather, you're going to LOVE this one...

another new nickname for Jensy:


I had a dream about a cupcake. this is not unusual for me.
It was strawberry flavored with banana cream icing!?
I became a cupcake caterer with my friend.
It was called
Thus, the name of the cupcake and my new nickname for Jensy!

five on a wednesday:
one. day 3 of summer and still raining on our parade!
two. visiting teaching. check.
three. loving my job, thank goodness!
four. please bring on the sun.
five. i sure love cupcakes.
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Maren said...

"Cupcaters" That's a million-dollar idea if I ever heard one.

Candy said...

Princess Cream Pie!
What an absolute doll-
Great dream, that's how reality starts.
Can I order 5? I need them by July 11th- does that give you enough time?

Grandma Scott said...

I love this picture of Jensyn. What a doll and she really is a cupcake. Gotta love her.