Friday, June 26, 2009

first crush.

He was the first poster I ever had in my room.
I almost gave my mom a heart attack.
I was young
and I thought I was in love...
I was looking forward to his "comeback"
(You have my permission to laugh)
to an icon.
1. A series of books I'm reading called "Abram's daughters"
by Beverly Lewis. Slow pace, but good.
2. Seeing the "New Moon" trailer on the big screen at the movie last night!
3. "The Proposal"-cute. see it.
4. "Transformers 2"-skip it.
5. All Stars starts tomorrow! Lincoln is super cute as the infield captain!


rochelle said...

He WAS an icon, for sure. How cool to have seen the New Moon trailer! I can't wait for the movie. It will be so much fun!

Candy said...

Which poster did you have the one where he was wearing his yellow sweater?
I still remember you wearing a white glove in 7th grade once in a while cuz you liked him so much!

Grandma Scott said...

Sometimes I feel like I don't know my kids at all. I didn't know anything about a white glove. I can't even remember the poster either, guess I'm getting old. That's scary.

Shill and Company said...

I liked him in elementary school and then in Jr. High, I got into the whole alternative music thing, and lost interest in Michael. It is sad that he died so suddenly. I think I'm going to tivo his funeral tomorrow.

Rachel said...

Lincoln will always be the super cute captain of whatever team he is on.

kelly said...

Hi. New post please. If we aren't hanging out every week, then I need a blog post at least! I'm dying over here.

carrie said...

I love Michael Jackson too! I even went to his concert in Denver. I had plans to marry him, but Jeff beat him to it. Hey, I am so happy that you like my Amish books. I might have to read them again before my second trip to Amish Country.