Saturday, July 11, 2009


For the 4th of July weekend,Landon had a tournament in Heber/Park City
called the "firecracker"
We decided to make it a camping trip with our friend's the Silverstein's!
Shawn's dad loaned us the fifth wheel again and they brought a 10-man tent!
We had a blast, even though the games were 4/0 :(
but he still played great!

So because Jensyn was so good about attending all the boys games
we had ourselves a plan brewing *insert evil laugh*
We were going to have a tea party and have the boys dress up and hold teddy bears,
and then we decided, even better,
we'll give them a makeover, daddy's included!
This was the highlight of Jensyn's summer!!

a few pics of the weekend...

daddy getting his makeover...

some neat hummingbirds...

check out this babydoll...

Land-0 getting his makeover...

three of the boys post-makeover...
they were such "GREAT SPORTS"
(lincoln threw a fit and hid the entire time,
I'm actually okay with that!)

I just came up for air
for a quick post!
This is one crazy/busy/fun summer!


LL said...

FABULOUS idea!!!
she deserves a little GIRL time after all those funny!

Candy said...

Yeay Jensy-
You've always had that little Daddy of yours wrapped around your finger.
So glad you had a great time!
Beautiful makeup- just beautiful.
I wanna know if Shawn was sport'n some stilletto's as well?

rochelle said...

OH, Shelby! What a great post. Lucky for you having another girl. I'm the only one at my house, and I don't think any one of my boys would go for that kind of fun. Fantastic idea!