Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just wanted to say

I want to post.
I really, really do.
I love reading all of your posts.
I really, really do.

Jensy cut her hair
and I must say-
it's cute.
She didn't hesitate
not one bit,
and it was loooong.
but it needed it.
The boys got their hair cut too!
and they are looking very school-ready!
I promise to post pics tomorrow.

Just so you know, we have been at cherry hill, or our friend's pool,
or soccer games, (yes soccer started right after baseball finished up.)
This surely explains my absense.


Christy said...

Sounds like your in the thick of things. This summer seems to be busier and busier. Can't wait to see the haircuts and get a look at how big the kids are getting.

Candy said...

haircuts- refreshing!
swimming- refreshing!