Thursday, November 29, 2007

today's 5

1. a blessing in disguise.
2. IMDb.
3. online banking.
4. a hard days work.
5. putting your feet up and relaxing after #4!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

blog under the weather...still

My friend Kelly suggested all I would need for my camera is a memory reader. So I went to Target and got one. The only problem is...I can't get it to work. So, this blog is still under the weather...

My five for today:

1. Softly falling snow.
2. 50% off.
3. Cheesecake Factory Mac 'N Cheese balls.
4. IKEA.
5. good friends.

p.s. love you all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My five...

1. Splenda~A grrr-eat invention!
2. Sam's Club.
3. Murphy's first puppy cut!
4. Instant Messaging!
5. Playing Hide and Seek...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jaxon's school picture...

Lexy's 5th grade class at U CAN LEARN...Of course, I think Jaxon is the cutest one! He's standing right next to Lizzie, the girl he "works out" for. (He lifts 5 lbs. weights every day).

I can't believe you're 10!

Puppy love...

I just thought these pictures of Lincoln with the pups was so cute!

Jaxon is grateful!

For a project, Jaxon had to take pictures of 7 things he was grateful for,
so without further ado...

Ben 10 watch, Murphy, card collection, bike, home, room and his family (not pictured) I thought it was a pretty good list!
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update on Nutcracker...

Well, the American Girl Doll surprise went off without a hitch. Jensyn was sooooooooooooo excited, she just couldn't believe it. I'll never forget the look on her face! We had a wonderful time at the Nutcracker (even though she fell asleep at the end)... hey, it's a long ballet! We had a really fun girls day out! I'll have pics soon!

p.s. Thanks again, Grandma Carolyne!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My reason(s) for breathing...

I was reading a quote from Johnny Depp

about his kids

and I copied.

I'd like to include Shawn to this as well.

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5 senses

5 favorites, from my 5 senses
1. "Ben's" milk chocolate cookie
2. My grandma's rice pudding
3. peach cobbler
4. peanut butter fingers
5. buttery, salty popcorn at the theatre (I could go on and on)
1. crisp, clean sheets
2. Murphy's hair
3. my hair ( I like to twist it, bad habit)
4. smooth, freshly shaven skin
5. a book, (specifically anything "Twilight" related) still obsessing.
1. a smile
2. Hawaii, the beach
3. blogs
4. movies
5. friends and family
1. pumpkin spice/cinnamon
2. Johson's baby lotion
3. vanilla
4. new car smell (not the air fresheners, a real new car)
5. lemon
1. laughter
2. a toddler learning to talk
3. a stream, river or fountain
4. Enya

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shawn pic

So this is the infamous photo of Shawn that everyone thinks looks exactly like Landon. It does. This is Shawn when he was 2. It looks a lot like Landon did when he was 2.

Before Shawn and I even had kids, this was my favorite picture of him. No wonder! I was staring at our future Landonbug!

My camera's on the fritz...

My poor digital camera. I went to plug in the cord and it looked a little bent. Thinking I could fix it, I carefully tried to pry the prongs into place. It wasn't budging. "If I try a little harder, I can get it" I thought to myself. I kept pressing harder and harder and finally, out of frustration, I tried to jam the thing in, squashing the prongs. :(

I'm so sad. I was so sure I could fix it.
sooo, anyone know who could fix it?

so, I guess no pictures for a while (except the ones I have stored. Maybe I can find something!)

Anyways, I'll do my five for today:

1. parent-teacher conferences.
2. free paint! It's yellow, I think we'll paint the basement with it!
3. french toast.
4. WW (yes, I'm back)
5. rain.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pokemon craze...and my five...and one more thing

The boys are "crazed" about Pokemon cards! It's gotten rediculous! All they want is Pokemon cards! They want to spend all their money on them. It's driving me crazy. All they talk about is "legendaries"(whatever that is) and they speak this language that I don't understand...I thought it would be something they liked for like a few days and then moved on, but it's not going anywhere! ARGH. So, here they are out front, trading cards...or dueling..or challenging...whatever it is they do!


My Five...
1. Service
2. Caramel apples
3. Cafe Rio salad
4. American Girl dolls.
5. Surprise parties

And Five more (since I've missed a few days...)

1. The Osmond's
2. Tai Pan Trading Co.
3. report cards
4. Grandma taking the boys overnight!
5. My "writing/journal" with Kelly.

One more thing...a surpise in the making...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: This is hush, hush. But I'm too excited to hold it in! I have a huge surprise for Jensyn in the making. So, we have tickets to "The Nutcracker" next Saturday, with friends and their daughter's, and the girls are all bringing their American Girl Dolls. Most of you know that Jensyn doesn't have one, I've wanted her to be closer to 6. Anyways, so I told her she would have to borrow a doll to take. Now let me back up by saying that a few months ago, Jensyn found the infamous 300 dollar key that we lost and so she was promised something she wanted really bad, and she chose an American Girl Doll. So, we got her a doll (on the sly), and I am going to surprise her with it on Saturday! She will be soooooooooo excited! I can't wait! We are all dressing up and dressing the dolls up! I just love surprises.

I'll take a picture on Saturday to share.

p.s. Carolyne, thank you for your help in pulling this off!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

quick quote

"There is nothing worth more than this day."
-Johann Wolfgag von Goethe
and to follow that up with good ol' Oprah...
"Tomorrow is not promised, nor is today. So I choose to celebrate every day I'm alive by being present in it. Living in the present means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future."
-Oprah Winfrey

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

an Angel...

All my kids are angels
but this one especially looks like one
even though I have spoiled her rotten.
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A look back at Shawn...what a cutie!

I'm playing around with a picture organizer named Picasa!
it's really fun, obviously I'm a little rusty, but you get the
idea! (Hopefully I'll get better)
~I Love you Babe~

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Monday, November 5, 2007

5 things today...

1. Pace's Dairy Ann (specifically their footlong, onion rings and diet coke w/vanilla).
2. Keeping in touch via e-mail.
3. Murphy in Jensyn's doll stroller going for a walk.
4. pop an aspirin...headache gone.
5. People magazine on-line.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

5 things...

1. a day off.
2. sauteed mushrooms
3. "Dan In Real Life".
4. Ben's cookie for breakfast (lemon).
5. sleeping in.
p.s. (Maybe some day, something edible will not be included in my grateful list...i'm just a little pathetic)
oh well, I'm over it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

my pink boots...

Muphy loves my pink boots! I knew he was after my own heart! He snuggled right in and fell asleep in them last night while I was working! Isn't he sweet!?

5 things I'm grateful for...

1. Polka-dots
2. Card Friday
3. TJ Maxx
4. my sister's won-ton salad (thanks Heather!)
5. the weekend!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


grateful today...
1. a nap.
2. an invitation.
3. the smell of pumpkin spice.
4. "a new moon".
5. volleyball!

p.s. I just have to say that Sabrina being voted off is a tragedy...she was one of my favorites. I love to watch her dance. It's official, I need to start voting!!!