Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My camera's on the fritz...

My poor digital camera. I went to plug in the cord and it looked a little bent. Thinking I could fix it, I carefully tried to pry the prongs into place. It wasn't budging. "If I try a little harder, I can get it" I thought to myself. I kept pressing harder and harder and finally, out of frustration, I tried to jam the thing in, squashing the prongs. :(

I'm so sad. I was so sure I could fix it.
sooo, anyone know who could fix it?

so, I guess no pictures for a while (except the ones I have stored. Maybe I can find something!)

Anyways, I'll do my five for today:

1. parent-teacher conferences.
2. free paint! It's yellow, I think we'll paint the basement with it!
3. french toast.
4. WW (yes, I'm back)
5. rain.

1 comment:

kelly said...

I'll look at it...bring it over.
I'm very handy with these sorts of things.