Friday, November 9, 2007

Pokemon craze...and my five...and one more thing

The boys are "crazed" about Pokemon cards! It's gotten rediculous! All they want is Pokemon cards! They want to spend all their money on them. It's driving me crazy. All they talk about is "legendaries"(whatever that is) and they speak this language that I don't understand...I thought it would be something they liked for like a few days and then moved on, but it's not going anywhere! ARGH. So, here they are out front, trading cards...or dueling..or challenging...whatever it is they do!


My Five...
1. Service
2. Caramel apples
3. Cafe Rio salad
4. American Girl dolls.
5. Surprise parties

And Five more (since I've missed a few days...)

1. The Osmond's
2. Tai Pan Trading Co.
3. report cards
4. Grandma taking the boys overnight!
5. My "writing/journal" with Kelly.

One more thing...a surpise in the making...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: This is hush, hush. But I'm too excited to hold it in! I have a huge surprise for Jensyn in the making. So, we have tickets to "The Nutcracker" next Saturday, with friends and their daughter's, and the girls are all bringing their American Girl Dolls. Most of you know that Jensyn doesn't have one, I've wanted her to be closer to 6. Anyways, so I told her she would have to borrow a doll to take. Now let me back up by saying that a few months ago, Jensyn found the infamous 300 dollar key that we lost and so she was promised something she wanted really bad, and she chose an American Girl Doll. So, we got her a doll (on the sly), and I am going to surprise her with it on Saturday! She will be soooooooooo excited! I can't wait! We are all dressing up and dressing the dolls up! I just love surprises.

I'll take a picture on Saturday to share.

p.s. Carolyne, thank you for your help in pulling this off!


Rachel said...

Sorry about Pokemon, we've avoided it so far.

I saw the Oprah show on Friday with the Osmond's, it was fun to see ALL the mini Donny's in the making. Don't you think all the younger boys looked like Donny?

So sweet about the American Girl doll. I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret, I'm really bad at keeping secrets.

Grandpa/Grandma Scott said...

Those boys are so cute. I don't understand the Pokemon thing at all. I can't wait to see Jensyn when she gets her doll. She will be so surprised. I can't believed you haven't told her. What a fun thing to do. I love them all.

Heather said...