Monday, March 31, 2008

Warning: May cause drowsiness...

I don't know what my deal is, but I just feel blank.
I'm a blank slate.
I got nothin.

(except for my Five)

1. A full month of jalking! I started the first of March. I've actually started doing more jogging, if you can believe it. It feels so good. I may have had a small, very small, glimpse of the "runners high" they talk about. ("They" meaning those people of a different breed)...I'm loving it.

2. Lincoln and his friend came in the house today asking if "Big foot" was real and "The Hook" who is apparently someone who hides in hotel rooms? I don't know where they got this stuff, but it's not helping with child #2. I could just see the wheels turning and the paranoia hitting. I laughed it off and told them whoever told them that was pulling their leg. (rolling eyes) at whoever filled their heads with this stuff. I'm grateful I was able to put him at ease.

3. My journals. I have probably 20 volumes. I love to go back and read them. My lesson was on baptism so I went back to the day I got baptized and read about it, which was my very first journal entry. I'm thankful that I will have these to pass on.

4. Watching the sun come out and melt the snow.

5. Watching my kids be kind. It's just little things, but I see plenty of fighting and not getting along, etc. So it's so nice when I see them being kind and caring about someone else.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've been busy, I've been tired, you know the drill. But I should at least be doing my five, I know!

So here's my Sunday Five...

1. The Mandarin chinese. As far as I'm concerned, you haven't had chinese until you've experienced the Mandarin in Bountiful. It was just Shawn and I Friday night, so we splurged. It was awesome! We love the beef and asparagus and the sweet and sour chicken, also char shu sub gum (pan fried)-Delish.

2. A nice, quiet weekend. Translation: no kids. Don't get me wrong, I missed them, but I enjoyed my free time!

3. JUNO. I finally saw it! Loved it! I can't wait to take Shawn, he's going to love it.

4. I signed up to play "Futsol" with our ward. It starts this week. I've never played before but I'm really excited because I've heard it's really fun!

5. Some one-on-one time with Landon. He's a sweet kid.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Five...

1. When Shawn says to me:

"Thank you for saying yes."

2. I love it when Jensyn and her little friends hold hands. And today she was playing with Cooper from across the street and they were holding hands as they were walking around outside. It's just so sweet. I wonder if I used to do that.

Although earlier, she said to Cooper after I kissed her on the forehead "it's so embarassing (when she does that)with my friend over" and that wasn't so sweet.

3. Celebrity Apprentice finale tonight! I'm pulling for Trace.

4. There was snow on the ground this morning. I'm not thankful for that, but it was a good excuse to make my grandmother's rice pudding! It's such a comfort food. I wish I could put it's smell on my blog.

5. Sheye Rosemeyer's blog.

I read said blog yesterday. From beginning to end. She lost her 3-year-old daughter when she got into the car on a very hot day and couldn't get out. I was crying my eyes out as I read it. She is a beautiful writer and you can literally feel her pain. She says something really great about how we as mother's worry about doing everything perfect and how one day her daughter had on 7 skirts and she was worried about having to re-wash and re-iron them. And how all those things don't really matter. She has some great life-lessons in it and I really recommend reading it, although I also warn you about how heartwrenching it is.
Her actual address is She is a photographer and so she has the most beautiful pictures as well. Yesterday I almost regreted reading it, but now I'm so glad because it really puts things in perspective.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wax on, wax off...

1. Hair cut and color. My hair was in dire need of a good trimmin', and it feels so good!

2. Eyebrow wax.

I have never had my eyebrows done...ever! This was a real treat. There's just one thing I don't understand. The BRAZILIAN wax. You know the one. down there. I can't imagine the pain. Even that sugar-mixture one. I have one word-Yowza!

3. Having someone else wash your hair...THE BEST!

4. The Jonas Brothers "When you look me in the eye". Don't hate me.

5. DWTS...My favorite show has begun again! I'm so excited!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who knew

this girl...

and that boy...
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I almost forgot my Five!...

1. Destiny. (I believe.)
2. I'm reminded of a quote by Flavia:
"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for a while leaving footprints on our heart.
And we are never, ever the same."
3. A partner who fits like a square to my circle, so we have to adjust and stretch and grow...together.
3. The knowledge that this life is not easy, but worth it.
4. My twilight walk tonight.
Despite the fact that a bug totally flew into my mouth and I swallowed it- Y.U.C.K.!
5. Back to a regular routine tomorrow!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Is Risen!

Indeed, He is Risen!

Our first counselor talked today about how his grandpa would call his family every Easter and say "He is risen", to which the proper reply was "Indeed, He is risen!" I thought that was really great.






Sunday Five...

1. "The Gospel is simple. Simply beautiful." One of my favorite quotes by our prophet, President Monson.
2. Our beautiful family.
3. Our wonderful friends.
4. The Plan of Happiness.
5. My Savior.
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Saturday, March 22, 2008


A couple days ago I begged Lincoln not to turn seven. He wasn't going for it. It's very cliche, but they grow up way too fast! Here's to the birthday boy! Our party was a success and Lincoln is pretty sweet at seven!!!

Party invitations...7 dollars

Treat bags...17 dollars

The highly anticipated Ripstik...77 dollars

Watching your youngest son turn seven...PRICELESS

Friday, March 21, 2008


This is why my sister, Heather, used to call me "fang"...

This is why I wore braces in 12th grade...


Friday Five...

1. Super slush-(raspberry sherbet, pineapple sherbet, frozen raspberries, frozen pineapple and bananas) Super yummy!

2. No more fangs, and

3. no more complex.

4. that new show "Miss Guided", so funny- "FOREVER 21!"

5. 3 weeks of jalking 3 miles every day!

P.S. Whoever saw "Celebrity Apprentice" last night I need the cliff notes. My DVR didn't record.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008


The other day when I went for my "jalk" I took a few pictures. I've been seeing things that I think would be a great picture, and I've missed some because I didn't have my camera. I see a lot of bird's nests, so I took this picture...


Today's Five:

1. A fun lunch date with mom, and laughing about the sound effects from the back seat (Jaxon)who was cracking us up, which offset Jensyn who was in fine form.
2. the cutest Lucky purse at Macy's, I'm so happy my birthday is coming up!

(this hint just hit Shawn right between the eyes and now he's sweating pretty profusely about how much this purse costs that he's sure looks just like the other five I own)

3. Spring Break! Anyone doing something super fun?!
4. watching the kid across the street puke on the grass and so thankful it wasn't mine!~
5. popping a zit that splat onto the mirror.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Five...

1. I'm grateful to be alive. I just read an obituary. He was my age. We went to Junior High and High School together. Steven Barber. Can't believe it. So sad. A wife and two boys behind. 33.

on a lighter note:

2. My finger feels better today! No more throbbing.
3. When any of the boys leave the house and say "love you mom".
4. rip stick. wakeboard. rip stick. wakeboard. Lincoln finally deciding on a rip stick!
5. The Ensign this month. It's amazing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I swear she was a Gerber baby!...

Today's is aunt Natty's birthday, (my sister!)
She's pushing 40 (hee, hee!)

I keep BEGGING her to get a blog. Wouldn't this baby picture be the CUTEST avatar?!!!
This is her at 1 and then her just a couple years ago.
We love her and miss her.
Have a great day, Nat, know that we are thinking about you!


"a day late and a dollar short"

My dad's birthday was yesterday, also St. Patty's day and my nephew Travis' birthday! So happy birthday you two!

A few things I know and love about my Dad:

He loves treats and nuts (Pace's popcicles, cheddar popcorn from the mall, cashews, pistachios, Wrigley's gum, and beef jerky)
He's always level-headed.
He doesn't say much, but when he does, you want to listen.
He's a spiritual giant.
His best friend is my mom.
He's a geat example.

I love you, dad!

Monday, March 17, 2008


so all I can figure is that I have been raking for granted my ledft pointer finger, vecause I snapped the tendon. I freaking broker my finger and now I can'r rype!!! so gert used ro the new lingfo! I hace to hacve itr splinted foe SIX weeks, completely immovilized or else ir might not heal and I will hace to go see a hand surgfeon. I hate myseld.

so I need a better story to tell people when they ask what I did...anyone?

I did a st(ouch!)upid t(ouch!)hing(ouch!)

This may not look like much, but I totally jacked up my finger. I was trying to open a case of cracker jacks for Lincoln's invitations and you know that plastic wrap, well I dug my finger into it and I think I dislocated it. In this picture, I am trying with all my might, mind and strength to straighten my finger and I CANNOT.

So, I'm off to the doctor.
(idiot), spoken like Napolean Dynamite.

I will return and report...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Your playing small doesn’t serve the world..."

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone, and as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Nelson Mandela

A few weeks back in sacrament meeting, my friend, Liza, gave a great talk. This quote really inspired me. She was kind enough to email it to me and I thought I would share. Some of us shine in the spotlight and some of us shrink. I'm a shrinker! But what good does that really do? it doesn't. Just something to think about.

My Sunday Five...

1. People who let their light shine.
2. I am included in everyone.
3. I am a child of God and I have a testimony.
4. Nelson Mandela.
5. Playing BIG.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

whah whah (look into camera with best "down" look)

Shawn kept calling me "Debbie" or "Debs" today. He was referring to Debbie Downer from SNL. He kept saying Hey Debs! Whah Whah. It's just because I need a few minutes (okay hours) to wake up in the morning. I'm not my chipper self when I first wake up. It became the standing joke of today.

We had lots of errands to run, so we loaded up the kids and made a family day of it. anyone jealous? Didn't think so. We told the kids they could not ask any questions that included, but were not limited to...
"when are we leaving?"
"when will we be home?"
"how many more stores?"

needless to say, this did not happen. (whah whah.)

Then Shawn proceeded to tell them that for every question they asked like this, we would add one more store to the list! This seemed to work. They actually did really good and we had a fun time. sort of. You know how it goes. Overall, though, mission accomplished:

birthday gift(s) for dad, newphew and sister: check.
easter attire: check.
Lincoln's party invitations: check.
etc., etc., and so forth: check.

Five for Saturday:
1. To do list: Done!
2. Disneyland vacation booked!!!
3. short lines at the grocery store.
4. sleeping in on Saturday morning, thanks be to the husband.
5. two-fers ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

one. word. answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? straight
3. Work? now
4. Your father? wise
5. Your favorite thing? naps
6. Your dream last night? forgot
7. Your favorite drink? pinacolada
8. Your dream car? escalade
9. The room you're in? den
10. Your fears? violence
11. What do you want to be in 10 years? healthy
12. Who did you hang out with last night? Shawn
13. What you're not good at? endurance
14. Muffin? dense
15. One of your wish list items? countertops
16. Where you grew up? cul-de-sac
17. Last thing you did? work
18. What are you wearing? sweats
19. What aren't you wearing? socks
20. Your pet? Murphy!
21. Your computer? necessity
22. Your life? content
23. Your mood? mediocre
24. Missing? Natalie
25. What are you thinking about right now? sleep
26. Your car/truck? minervan
27. Your summer? long
28. Your relationship status? happily
29. Your favorite color? pink
30. When is the last time you really laughed with meaning? Ceyanne
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday
32. School? over
33. Least favorite weather? moist
34. Soup? Bunbasket
35. Movie? Juno
36. Tag? YOU!

Thanks Maren, super fun...

Friday Five...

1. new neighbors with kids our age-ish.
2. playing "kiss, kiss" with Jensyn (you know that British greeting where you air-kiss eachother's cheeks...what is that called?)...anyone?
3. cafe rio pulled pork salad...I've probably listed this before, but it certainly hit the spot tonight-yum!
4. plans to simplify a.k.a de-junk the house over the weekend.
5. a page full of to-do's: for tomorrow!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

raindrops keep falling on my tongue...

so I went for my usual "jalk" today (a combination of walking and a little big of jogging and when I say a little bit, I mean a very little, almost nonexistent bit of jogging, but I'm working up to that) and it was raining. (I know. it was raining and I still went!) and it was 'my kind of rain'. (you know, Tim McGraw, she's my kind of rain?!) well, I noticed about halfway through that I was parched. I stuck out my tongue and let the raindrops fall. It was exhilarating! ok that may be an overstatement but it was refreshing. I was so hoping nobody was watching me, I must have looked silly, but I couldn't help myself!

Thursday Five...

1. a big, FAT, raindrop on my tongue.
2. pinewood derby tonight! Shawn helped the boys make their cars, and of course, they loved that...
Jaxon won "Most fuel efficient" and Landon won "Blackest streak"!!!

3. a conversation with Jaxon on the way home from school:

me: So how's Lizzie? (wink, wink)

Jaxon: good. Ya, she sat by me today.

me: Re-heally?!

Jaxon: (very matter-of-factly) she must think I'm hot.

too funny!

oh and then I asked him if his teacher was married and he said:

No, I think she's single. You know what that means, mom, right? yes. yes I think I do. Thanks Jax.

4. that after-the-rain-smell.
5. rain that doesn't turn to snow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

don't go to sleep...

-in a messy house.
-in a bed, that wasn't made.
-in a fight. with anyone.

these are some new rules for me to live by.
The next time I'm at a wedding shower and have to give advice, instead of the good old "don't go to bed in a fight" I'm going to suggest these little nuggets.

Do you remember advice that you got before getting married? excluding all those whom eloped ;)

True story. I remember at one of my friend's showers, one lady who was A LOT older in her years actually said, in a very quiet, polite and small voice:
"Never turn down your husband".
She actually said that! I ABOUT DIED! I remember trying not to bust up, as mature as I was.


My FIVE for today:


2. The GAP outlet. now If only I had a gap-gift-card-tree.

3. 100 calorie packs! yeah! And they also have 70 calorie packs which I love.

4. crushed ice from Bowman's.

5. a good big brother. I have one, and so does Jensyn...

p.s. I added the recipe to the post!

Monday, March 10, 2008

it's what's for dinner...

I predict there won't be many posts like this...
But this one always turns out great and it's Shawn's favorite:



it's super easy and yummy! Here's the recipe:




Five For Today...

1. my new playlist on my Ipod! It's perfect for my 60 min. walk.
2. feeling "underwhelmed" (for a change! and it's always a good feeling!)
3. eating healthy. I just feel better.
4. a husband who will be happy when he gets home to have his favorite dinner on the table!
5. Landon twirling my hair while he talks to me.

I am blessed.
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Friday, March 7, 2008

Cousins Playin'




The cousins had so much fun playing today, you can tell how crazy it got! The bottom picture is so cute of Jensyn and her friend Bryn across the street that I just had to post it. I don't even know who took it, it just showed up on my camera. so cute.

Five for Friday...

1. watching a cute mom play peek-a-book in the car with her baby in the back-seat. I remember when I used to do that.
2. being a scrounge all day and not really caring!
3. winning every hand of gin today, well except one.
4. Stratton's kisses, and coming in and out saying "Hi Grandma", "Love you Grandma" and me telling him "Come here
Stratton and I'll let you give me a kiss" ;) I love that little guy.
5. a wish that someone will help me "enable my cookies" whatever that means, because I have no idea and now my colors are gone and I can't make words big and small. Someone please help!
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Five...

1. It is a...

B-E-A-U tiful day!-(Jim Carrey, "Bruce Almighty")

2. a little elbow grease.

3. salt. I love salt. I had to buy salt for the FIRST time in my married life! I had no idea that for .40 cents you can get a container of salt! I was blown away. which brings me to #4...

4. My wedding (kitchen) shower! I got SO much flour, sugar, salt, spices, etc. that I have only now just had to start buying things like that! It's been an awesome 13 years in that regard! or maybe that says I don't cook enough? NO.. seriously people, I got a TON~!

5. Kingergarten math night...

This is Jensyn with her friend, Rachel...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Five...

1. planning a "baseball"-themed birthday party for Lincoln! When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to have a big baseball game at the park. Luckily his birthday is on a Saturday, I just hope it's good weather.
2. Listening to Jensyn sing "I Miss You" by Blink-182 in the car. It was so funny, I seriously wanted to videotape it and send it in to that "Kideoke" contest on 97.1
3. meeting Shawn at Jaxon's school so the kids (well Jaxon and Jensyn) could see and explore the UPS truck! (the things kids think are cool!)
4. someone to leave a light on for.
5. iCarly. My kids love it(and someone else I know, but I won't tell) It is silent in this house when this show is on!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABC tag...

I thought this was cute and fun...

A:Attached or single: attached.
B:Best friend(s): all of my best friends know who they are!
C:Cake or Pie: Both, but I would choose cake first!
D:Day of choice: Friday, it's card day and the start of the weekend!
E:Essential Item: chapstick/lipstick. (I hate the natural color of my lips).
F:Favorite Color: My signature color, of course (pink)
G:Gummi Bears or Worms: bears, but I don't like gummi treats.
H:Hometown: Bountiful, UT
I:Indulgence(s): naps.
J:January or July: July, bring on summer!
K:Kids: 4, 3 boys, 1 girl.
L:Life is incomplete without: The 3 F words: "Faith, Family, Friends".
M:Marriage Date: 9/18/1995
N:Number of siblings: one brother (Jeff), two sisters (Natalie and Heather)
O:Oranges or Apples: Apples, I hate to peel oranges.
P:Phobias or fears: I don't really want to send mine out into the universe... you know, karma. But if you ask me, I'll tell you:)
Q:Quote(s): "You're never fully dressed without a smile".
R:Reason To Smile: I have 5 reasons.
S:Season: Spring! It's my birthday in spring and it's perfect weather.
T:Tag: Heather, Nancy, Camille.
U:Unknown Fact about Me: If you've noticed the scars on my face, I fell in a rosebush when I was 2.
V:Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: me. love. meat.
W:Worst Habit: Biting my nails.
X:X-rays or Ultrasounds: x-rays, no more babies, please!
Y:Your favorite Food: Mexican.
Z:Zodiac: Taurus.

My Five...
1. Tunafish sandwhich from Paradise Cafe.
2. Fake nails, to keep me from biting them!
3. my library card.
4. baseball sign-ups! my favorite sport to watch my kids.
5. breaking up a fight and sending them to their room.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Five Is Back!

Heather, here's the pic of Shawn and me. I'm only posting it because I think Shawn looks so cute!!!

Today's 5...
1. a 60 min. walk with the sun on my face.
2. a compliment at the grocery store.
3. a quiet house to blog!!!
4. a killer headache...aspirin...gone!
5. "Be of Good Cheer". My friend Kelly took notes at an enrichment of the same title and it was basically about being happy! Anyway, I love it and I'm so grateful that she thought of me :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Bro!

Today is my big brother's birthday! Last night we celebrated at Maddox, courtesy of my parents for everyone helping them was delicious! We had a great time! Jeff, I hope you have a GREAT birthday. You have been a great example to me my whole life!

The pictures below are: Ryan and Heather, Jeff and Carrie, Sarah and Brandon and my mom and dad...




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Today at church I peeked over to see what Lincoln was writing...
He was writing sentences and this is what he wrote:

My bruthers are wilde.

My dad is nise.

I like are mom.

I thought it was pretty cute!