Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Five...

1. When Shawn says to me:

"Thank you for saying yes."

2. I love it when Jensyn and her little friends hold hands. And today she was playing with Cooper from across the street and they were holding hands as they were walking around outside. It's just so sweet. I wonder if I used to do that.

Although earlier, she said to Cooper after I kissed her on the forehead "it's so embarassing (when she does that)with my friend over" and that wasn't so sweet.

3. Celebrity Apprentice finale tonight! I'm pulling for Trace.

4. There was snow on the ground this morning. I'm not thankful for that, but it was a good excuse to make my grandmother's rice pudding! It's such a comfort food. I wish I could put it's smell on my blog.

5. Sheye Rosemeyer's blog.

I read said blog yesterday. From beginning to end. She lost her 3-year-old daughter when she got into the car on a very hot day and couldn't get out. I was crying my eyes out as I read it. She is a beautiful writer and you can literally feel her pain. She says something really great about how we as mother's worry about doing everything perfect and how one day her daughter had on 7 skirts and she was worried about having to re-wash and re-iron them. And how all those things don't really matter. She has some great life-lessons in it and I really recommend reading it, although I also warn you about how heartwrenching it is.
Her actual address is She is a photographer and so she has the most beautiful pictures as well. Yesterday I almost regreted reading it, but now I'm so glad because it really puts things in perspective.


Nancy fancy pants said...

Wow, I'm gonna have to read that blog now.

Thanks for this morning and sorry about the condfusion.

You're such a good friend - always helping me out!

Nancy fancy pants said...

Hey I just went to

and it says there is no blog by this....

Nancy fancy pants said...

Ok I just got in...
That's so weird because I was looking at this blog just today during naptime. I found it through a differnt friend's blog. But I didn't really read anything. I was just looking at all the pictures.
She's so talented and I was mesmerized at her ability to capture what she does in her photography.

Anyway, I'll have to read it tonight!

Shelby said...

thanks Nancy, I fixed it.

No problem about this morning, I would do anything for ya!

LL said...

sheyes blog is SO heart wrenching. i read it a few months ago and did the same thing...i cried and cried. When I read blogs of people who have lost loved ones, I hold mine a little closer.
Life is fragile and nothing makes you recognize that so much as reading their heartfelt emotions.
Another incredible blog is
Makes you appreciate life!

Heidi Sue said...

I love you ancient family picture. I also love you 5.

Heather said...

I just hate when people don't change their blogs everyday!

Sue said...

Shel, I remember sitting in the church parking lot getting ready to leave for girls camp, when your mom went kissed you on the forehead and then proceeded to go around and kiss us all on the forehead. I believe those exact words came out of your mouth!

Erin said...

I also love this blog. I found it months ago and have been touched by her story and photos. Thanks for the reminder!