Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABC tag...

I thought this was cute and fun...

A:Attached or single: attached.
B:Best friend(s): all of my best friends know who they are!
C:Cake or Pie: Both, but I would choose cake first!
D:Day of choice: Friday, it's card day and the start of the weekend!
E:Essential Item: chapstick/lipstick. (I hate the natural color of my lips).
F:Favorite Color: My signature color, of course (pink)
G:Gummi Bears or Worms: bears, but I don't like gummi treats.
H:Hometown: Bountiful, UT
I:Indulgence(s): naps.
J:January or July: July, bring on summer!
K:Kids: 4, 3 boys, 1 girl.
L:Life is incomplete without: The 3 F words: "Faith, Family, Friends".
M:Marriage Date: 9/18/1995
N:Number of siblings: one brother (Jeff), two sisters (Natalie and Heather)
O:Oranges or Apples: Apples, I hate to peel oranges.
P:Phobias or fears: I don't really want to send mine out into the universe... you know, karma. But if you ask me, I'll tell you:)
Q:Quote(s): "You're never fully dressed without a smile".
R:Reason To Smile: I have 5 reasons.
S:Season: Spring! It's my birthday in spring and it's perfect weather.
T:Tag: Heather, Nancy, Camille.
U:Unknown Fact about Me: If you've noticed the scars on my face, I fell in a rosebush when I was 2.
V:Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: me. love. meat.
W:Worst Habit: Biting my nails.
X:X-rays or Ultrasounds: x-rays, no more babies, please!
Y:Your favorite Food: Mexican.
Z:Zodiac: Taurus.

My Five...
1. Tunafish sandwhich from Paradise Cafe.
2. Fake nails, to keep me from biting them!
3. my library card.
4. baseball sign-ups! my favorite sport to watch my kids.
5. breaking up a fight and sending them to their room.


kiss the cook said...

I'm with you, I LOVE watching the kids play baseball!
I'm glad you did the ABC's, that was cute! Now I want to know when, in the spring, your birthday is???

Grandma Scott said...

Love to read your blog. I finally got in to leave Heather a comment so thought while I was in here i would leave you one. You know how I always have trouble getting in to leave comments. Baseball is my favorite too. Can't wait to see them pley.

Sue said...

Shel, I have scars on my face from falling into a rose bush when I was a toddler as well. Did we know that already?

Candy said...

Cute tag...ok, I think I can do this one.
You STILL hate the color of your lips? Even after all these years.
Silly girl!