Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I swear she was a Gerber baby!...

Today's is aunt Natty's birthday, (my sister!)
She's pushing 40 (hee, hee!)

I keep BEGGING her to get a blog. Wouldn't this baby picture be the CUTEST avatar?!!!
This is her at 1 and then her just a couple years ago.
We love her and miss her.
Have a great day, Nat, know that we are thinking about you!


nancy said...

That baby picture totally looks like Landon. It's so cute!
Hope your finger has a fast recovery!

Emily said...

thanks for taking care of ollie! we'll chat when i'm not contagious.sorry about your finger.

LL said...

we had PARMA-SHAWN this evening. SO YUMMY! THANK YOU!!!!!!