Thursday, March 20, 2008


The other day when I went for my "jalk" I took a few pictures. I've been seeing things that I think would be a great picture, and I've missed some because I didn't have my camera. I see a lot of bird's nests, so I took this picture...


Today's Five:

1. A fun lunch date with mom, and laughing about the sound effects from the back seat (Jaxon)who was cracking us up, which offset Jensyn who was in fine form.
2. the cutest Lucky purse at Macy's, I'm so happy my birthday is coming up!

(this hint just hit Shawn right between the eyes and now he's sweating pretty profusely about how much this purse costs that he's sure looks just like the other five I own)

3. Spring Break! Anyone doing something super fun?!
4. watching the kid across the street puke on the grass and so thankful it wasn't mine!~
5. popping a zit that splat onto the mirror.
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kelly said...

What a great picture! love it.

Ok. So, was it your zit? Because I have always found that splatting sensation to be strangely satisfying and If you do to, I think we are soul sisters.

Holly said...

LOL...laughing so hard at your five today....Can relate to the zip thing! Hope your husband is better at HINTS than mine!

Happy Birthday~I don't know when it is!

Shelby said...

Kel, yes, yes it was and we are soul sistas!

Emily said...

I remember Josh driving home one day and saying," i see the awesomest zit on my face!" to which I replied, "save it til you get home!" Why is that so gratifying? Mine are great but getting one of his is better! The other day I told him I wish he had a zitty back and he was like, "that's something I never thought I'd hear my wife say!"

cute post!

Maureena said...

Ladies, ladies...this whole zit thing is going too far. I, too, feel the strange satisfaction, but with OTHER PEOPLE'S ZITS?! Did you not grow up with a mother who "picked" your zits? I did and it was TRAUMATIZING I tell you! Don't even get started!

Rachel said...

Oh you two are soul sisters. I want to get out the windex when it happens, it grosses me out!
Love the nest picture! You've been taking advice from the master I can see.
Your blog makes me smile, thank you!

Christy said...

Strangely satisfying indeed.
Spring break isn't much of a break these days so there isn't much time to go too far from home. Carl took the kids for a little spring skiing today and then Easter is upon us...that's always fun.
Fun post. Enjoy your break.

Katie said...

That is the coolest picture. Hope Sean is really open to the HINT! When is your b-day. Lets go party.