Wednesday, March 12, 2008

don't go to sleep...

-in a messy house.
-in a bed, that wasn't made.
-in a fight. with anyone.

these are some new rules for me to live by.
The next time I'm at a wedding shower and have to give advice, instead of the good old "don't go to bed in a fight" I'm going to suggest these little nuggets.

Do you remember advice that you got before getting married? excluding all those whom eloped ;)

True story. I remember at one of my friend's showers, one lady who was A LOT older in her years actually said, in a very quiet, polite and small voice:
"Never turn down your husband".
She actually said that! I ABOUT DIED! I remember trying not to bust up, as mature as I was.


My FIVE for today:


2. The GAP outlet. now If only I had a gap-gift-card-tree.

3. 100 calorie packs! yeah! And they also have 70 calorie packs which I love.

4. crushed ice from Bowman's.

5. a good big brother. I have one, and so does Jensyn...

p.s. I added the recipe to the post!


Camille said...

I would never go to sleep if my house had to be clean.

Christy said...

I'm with Camille...I wouldn't get much sleep either if my house had to be clean. My bed doesn't get made everyday either so I would be making it just so I could climb in and go to sleep and mess it up again. But, I must add...I do love climbing into a nicely made bed. Marital advice I got that stuck...go on weekly dates. Never stop courting one another.

LL said...

WHAT does that mean? whatever it means, we laugh about it still. So I guess it's stuck with us.
Oh and the never turn your husband down, COULD WE?!?!? that's nonsense! we'd all be sleep deprived.
WHERE is the new GAP outlet???

Rachel said...

Two things that I was told at my shower that I've remembered over the years.
1) Last one out of bed has to make it.
2) Never tell your mother anything bad about your husband. You will forgive him and forget it, your mother never will.

LL said...

are you missing 3. 4. and 5. or is it just me???

Shelby said...

Laura, yes they are missing! Sometimes I don't like to do it all at once, but throughout the day.

The Jorgensens said...

That's right....pace yourself :) I must say I have to say I am also thankful for those 100 calorie packs. Good stuff.
Im still waiting for your recipe Parma-Shawn :)

kelly said...

So am I part of the couple who eloped?
We never got advice...maybe that's why that first year was such hell!
And I can't sleep if my house isn't at least picked up! But Kelly won't let our feet touch in bed. So I would think my advice would be...Take turns saying sorry first. In a fight, each of us always has something to apologize for, and if you know it's your turn, it just gets done quicker.

Carly said...

The advice that sticks with me most came from my granmother. The first was shower together, this is advice we took, even still do. The other was the best: Fight Naked. She said if you fight naked you will either start laughing and forget the problem or end up doing something besides fighting. Mike insists that rylee was conceived after a fight. And I have to admit he is pretty much right on! Anyway, tonight we were at a wedding dinner for my neice who gets married tomorrow and someone said always continue to do the things that made your spouse fall in love with you in the first place. I liked that!

Quotes said...

Hi Shelby, it's Jessica. I just saw your post today, and wanted to say Hi to you as well. Your kids are so big, I can't believe how time flies. I'm still trying to learn this blogging thing, but it's fun! See ya.

The Jorgensens said...

Thanks for posting the recipe!

Have a great rainy day!