Saturday, March 15, 2008

whah whah (look into camera with best "down" look)

Shawn kept calling me "Debbie" or "Debs" today. He was referring to Debbie Downer from SNL. He kept saying Hey Debs! Whah Whah. It's just because I need a few minutes (okay hours) to wake up in the morning. I'm not my chipper self when I first wake up. It became the standing joke of today.

We had lots of errands to run, so we loaded up the kids and made a family day of it. anyone jealous? Didn't think so. We told the kids they could not ask any questions that included, but were not limited to...
"when are we leaving?"
"when will we be home?"
"how many more stores?"

needless to say, this did not happen. (whah whah.)

Then Shawn proceeded to tell them that for every question they asked like this, we would add one more store to the list! This seemed to work. They actually did really good and we had a fun time. sort of. You know how it goes. Overall, though, mission accomplished:

birthday gift(s) for dad, newphew and sister: check.
easter attire: check.
Lincoln's party invitations: check.
etc., etc., and so forth: check.

Five for Saturday:
1. To do list: Done!
2. Disneyland vacation booked!!!
3. short lines at the grocery store.
4. sleeping in on Saturday morning, thanks be to the husband.
5. two-fers ;)


kelly said...
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Sue said...

Ohhhhh...errands with the kids is about my least favorite thing on the planet! I'm glad you survived.

kelly said...

That is one of my favorite SNL sketches.
I actually am related to a real life Debbie Downer and I try not to giggle every time she says something like that.
Shelby...I'm a downer in the morning too. Kelly's morning cheeriness makes me want to scratch his eyes out.

Candy said...

Wow you had quite the day. Good thing you got the nap in first. I can't wait to hear about how cute the kids easter outfits are. Any idea's on cute easter dresses?