Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Five...

1. I'm grateful to be alive. I just read an obituary. He was my age. We went to Junior High and High School together. Steven Barber. Can't believe it. So sad. A wife and two boys behind. 33.

on a lighter note:

2. My finger feels better today! No more throbbing.
3. When any of the boys leave the house and say "love you mom".
4. rip stick. wakeboard. rip stick. wakeboard. Lincoln finally deciding on a rip stick!
5. The Ensign this month. It's amazing!


Maureena said...

Shelby! I love your picture of you at three! You look just like Jensyn (or she looks just like you...). Too cute!

Rachel said...

I agree with you on the Ensign, forget Pillars, I'm reading this one instead.
I do love the kid pic, so much like Jensyn.
I'm glad to hear your finger is getting better, I can't imagine how you are typing at all!

LL said...

Can't believe Steven Barber died. so SAD!
Your three year old picture really is adorable.

nancy said...

you're so cute, Shelby. What's a ripstick?
And I agree with Maren! Jensen looks just like you did at 3! You still are!

nancy said...

You were so cute at 3. You still are now! that's what I meant.