Friday, March 7, 2008

Cousins Playin'




The cousins had so much fun playing today, you can tell how crazy it got! The bottom picture is so cute of Jensyn and her friend Bryn across the street that I just had to post it. I don't even know who took it, it just showed up on my camera. so cute.

Five for Friday...

1. watching a cute mom play peek-a-book in the car with her baby in the back-seat. I remember when I used to do that.
2. being a scrounge all day and not really caring!
3. winning every hand of gin today, well except one.
4. Stratton's kisses, and coming in and out saying "Hi Grandma", "Love you Grandma" and me telling him "Come here
Stratton and I'll let you give me a kiss" ;) I love that little guy.
5. a wish that someone will help me "enable my cookies" whatever that means, because I have no idea and now my colors are gone and I can't make words big and small. Someone please help!
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Maureena said...

Two cute girls! I love my Bryn and your Jensyn!

Sorry, can't help you with the cookies. The only kind of cookies I know how to deal with are the kind you eat. If you ever need help with those, let me know...

LL said...

i love your Friday tradition with your mom and the gals. And FUN for your kids to have all those cousins around.
I've never met Jensyn but she her pictures are all full of personality!
good luck with the cookies

Rachel said...

I can't imagine you being grumpy, at least not ALL day :)