Thursday, March 24, 2011

volleyball {via iphone}

if I could just get used to taking my camera places.
but you get the idea.
but what you can't see is how good he is!!
he didn't tell me he was the best server on his team!
and it's official, as of yesterday:
He's taller than me.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

via iphone

he chose In-N-Out :)
Red Sox hat and catcher's mitt
baseball cupcakes
baseball practice
(is there a theme here?)
Papa John's pizza/breadsticks/garlic sauce
lots of luv (and money!) from family (thankyou!)
I'm thinking it was a great day for him.
Double digits.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

my linc...

you are 10.
I can't even believe it's possible.
When you were born, and I saw you for the first time,
I thought to myself
"that is the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life."
and yet again, my heart grew.
Our extended family nicknamed you "smiley"
Everyone always commented on how smiley you were.
and you still are.
You're my most charming.  You're funny.
You are smart.  You love to read.  You are good at sports.
You always go the extra mile.  You are kind.
You'll do anything I ask you to do. 
(I'm going to show you this post when you're a teenager)
I mean look at this face...

i love you.
so very much.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ginger B's!

Over the holidays I decided I'd like to start a tradition.  I would make homemade gingerbread houses for each of the cousins and invite them over to decorate them!  I sent out invitations to make it official.  I would slowly start adding bags of candy to my grocery list and build up a good stock of candies and trimmings and I found cute trays to make them portable.  It was so much fun making them!  Thank goodness my sweet mom helped me.  On our first try they turned out...good...BUT, I knew they would most likely cave in, they were too soft.  (so they were given to my kids without them knowing my little secret ;) and the second batch was quite a bit better and much sturdier, so they were given to the cousins.  Landon's was the first to fall, and he was a good sport! We loved having Shane there, he made everyone laugh and at least his made it home before it fell!  and those were the only two casualties.  Sweet Aunt Heather brought pizza and cake, because the next day was Stratton's birthday!! I really hope it sticks, we had so much fun!  Take a look...

jensy and cute ranny
grama, linc and brayden
birthday boy...
aunt heath

*Jaxon gets another free pass, he was doing baptisms for the dead.
I'm hoping next year we can get Jaxon, Cody, Jake, Travis and Ryan to join their "Aunt Shel-B's Ginger B's".  Hey, they can bring their girlfriends!!  Whatayasay guys??
ps.  If I end up being called "Aunt B" then I guess I'm the one who started it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

shall be

Have you ever noticed that if you say 'shall be' really fast it sounds a lot like 'Shelby'?
well it does.
I know people don't go around saying 'shall be' very much, but when you're in church,
it happens a lot.
I don't know how many times I've almost *&^%$ my pants because someone at the pulpit says 'shallbe' very fast and I think they're talking about me and I'm sure my face turns beet red and immediate paranoia hits me like a ton of bricks and I flash hot and then realize they said 'shall. be.'   (This usually happens when I'm not paying attention, so I guess it's my fault!)
still, it's not fun.
so why did I bring this up?
I don't know.  I just wondered if you knew that about me.
something else most of you know, but I don't think I've really ever addressed on this blog.  Maybe I did once.  I think I did.
I struggle with depression.  I hate that sentence.  I hate how it sounds.  I hate saying it.  I hate it.  I tried to think of another way to say it.  But- the bottom line is:  It's true. 
BUT today I felt happy.  :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)  
For no particular reason. 
Just like there is no particular reason why I feel sad or down. 
It just happens to me.   

Monday, March 7, 2011


a certain someone,
who wishes to remain anonymous
received a gift today,
from a boy,
(a necklace and a ring)
the question is:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a house full of boys...

and look who breaks a bone...

the girl.
her wrist, to be exact.
"I just fell down at recess and everything turned yellow and green,
and I felt dizzy".
but don't feel too bad,
it hasn't slowed her down a bit.
Just her luck, it happened the day she was to start dance :(
Luckily she gets it off in about a week,
so she was able to start her 'hip hop' anyway!!
(and yes, after "spankin it" in front of the home teachers just a few years ago,
I'm a little nervous to unleash the dancer that is Jensyn).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


no, not baseball this time:

linc, it's a little hard to tell's in...

 land's jump shot...

 lovin' the flag behind him...

 and this is how
 the girl feels about it...
but not me. 
who knew watchin' these boys
would be so much fun!

in other news, let's talk about the Cast:
I had a HUGE crush on Ralph Macchio,
so glad he's back doing something...
Chelsea Kane from Disney...
 is a doll,
Petra Nemcova... 
um ya she survived the Tsunami. the Tsunami. and she is gorgeous.
Mike Catherwood... 
I saw him when he sat in for Regis, and he was really good.
Wendy Williams...
eh.  maybe she's funny?! idk.
(I won't even talk about when Master P was on). 
Kirstie Alley... 
eh.  it will be interesting.
the others...
i don't know, yet.
(Now I just can't wait to see who they are paired with!! )
now I gotta go catch the guys on AIdol.