Monday, June 8, 2009

the graduate...

grandma and grandpa Smith with Jaxon
(he's hiding from the confetti)

The director, Karla, said something nice about each of the kids
and when Jaxon came up she said:
"Jaxon is our sports guy. He knows so much about sports,
I'm sure he'll be a sports announcer when he grows up!"
It was really cute.
I could tell Jaxon liked it.

This is Jaxon with his teacher, Ms. Sara.

I think he's happy to be heading into Junior High.
me, on the other hand...
not so much!

1 comment:

LL said...

it's funny to me that my own kids grow up...yet I'm SHOCKED when I see other kids (who I haven't seen in years) so grown up.
He looks so old, and very handsome.

I think a sports announcer sounds like a perfect job...for the "sports guy" That's cute.

Congrats Graduate!!!