Sunday, June 7, 2009

how suite it is!

Aunt Sheri and cousin Stafford

hot dogs, cotton candy and baseball!
what could be "suite'r" than that?
Shawn's cute sister, Sheri, invited us to the Bee's game,
not only that, but in the suite!
What a fun way to celebrate the beginning of Summer!
The game went into extra innings
and the Bees won! The boys stayed for the fireworks,
Jensy and I headed home to bed and grab Jaxon from a late night.
We had so much fun!

Thanks, Sheri!


LL said...

looks FUN!!!
and Shelby YOU look fabulous, such a great picture of you and J.

april said...

how fun!

Emily said...

that is a "suite" night! i'm glad you had fun!

Candy said...

fun! Todd and Tyson went and got rained out for 2 hrs.
You do look fabulous!
miss ya.