Monday, June 15, 2009

the inevitable...

Well with three boys, I knew trips to the ER would be inevitable.
Today Landon was hit with a baseball.
Right in the nose.
So, off we headed to InstaCare, (of course it was about 5 pm)
Landon was so nervous! He didn't want to go!
It was swollen and didn't look quite right.
(he wouldn't let me take a picture!)
He ended up with a tiny nondisplaced fracture (crack)
and it should heal on its own.
We are lucky.
BUT...doc cautioned him about rubbing or picking his nose!
If it gets bumped or hit again, it will surely break!
For good measure, I'm taking the x-ray to an ENT ASAP!!
A mom has to protect a handsome face.


Heather said...

Poor Landonbug! I'm sorry to hear that. Glad it wasn't more serious.

Emily said...

ahh, poor guy. tell him ethan had a tooth knocked clean out playing baseball, so they can compare war stories! its a rough sport! hope he feels better soon!

Christy said...

It hurts to get a ball in the nose...poor guy. Hope he can keep his hands away from it to give it time to heal properly. And YES, a mother has to protect her childrens' beautiful/handsome faces.

LL said...

that made me CRINGE!
good for you to go the extra mile for safety. I'm the mean mom who says, "your fine, get over it!" :)
he does have a very cute little nose!

Candy said...

That makes me sad. Poor kiddo.
Even is he did have a broken nose, that kids would still be a cuteheart.
Hope he's feelin' better.

Rachel said...

so sorry for the nose bash. I hope he is taking precautions for the next time. I so MISSED you last week. Next time! Love the posts of lately, your family is so cute.

rochelle said...

What a handsome guy! Ever since I was little, my number one fear was being hit in the nose by a ball. I could just imagine the pain exploding all over my face! I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to your sweet Landon.

Shill and Company said...

All I can say is OUCH! Poor kid!!! Hope he is feeling a lot better now.