Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shawn being...(er, ummm, well)...shawn!

These loaded in the wrong order, but
the bottom picture I promised him was going on the blog,
and then I found,
sort of a "common theme"...

(Shawn caught being that dad at a soccer game)

(Shawn goofing off on Christmas Eve)

(Shawn vieing to be the center of attention at a halloween party)

(you get the idea)

but this one takes the cheesecake!

(I was begging Linc to get with his teacher for a picture
so of course Shawn runs over to get in the shot)
what can I say...
he keeps things

er, um, well...



Christy said...

TOO Funny! Never a dull moment, right?

Sue said...

anyone who's spent 5 minutes with shawn would not be surprised at any of these pix! i'm laughing just imagining the dialogue that accompanied each of these photos.

AND, by the way, you look ridiculously beautiful in that second to last pic!

Barnes said...

That made me burst out laughing so hard!! What do you want to be when you grow up--a UPS man!!