Wednesday, May 6, 2009

he's 12

Tomorrow it happens.
He turns 12 years old.
memories are flooding back to me
a day that would never come
has come...

This is Shawn when he was about 12...
Jaxon loves animals and he sure loves Murph...
He also loves soccer and is playing again in the fall...

So for Jaxon's birthday date we went to "Dog on a Stick" at the mall (fancy, I know) and went to a movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens" (not my favorite), but he enjoyed it!

Well what can I say about Jaxon?
Here are 12 things...
1. He makes people laugh.
2. He has great hair.
3. His dad can do no wrong in his eyes ;)
4. He is obedient.
5. He takes scouting very seriously.
6. He tries to right his wrongs.
7. He is tender and loving.
8. He loves movies! (and tries to see every PG13 movie he can)
9. To say he likes to tease is an understatement.
10. Little kids love him i.e. Stratton and Beck.
11. He has an unvelievable imagination.
12. He is very loved.

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Christy said...

Some days it just seems that they grow up way too fast. Happy Birthday Jaxson.

Emily said...

...and he is a very loyal friend. happy, happy to you jaxon.

Candy said...

What a sweetheart. Imagine what surprises he'll bring the next 12 years.

rochelle said...

I love reading how you feel about your kids. So touching. I hope he had a great birthday.

kelly said...

Beck really is a big fan of Jaxon. He asks about him all the time.

I can't believe how old he is though! Just doesn't seem right.