Tuesday, May 19, 2009


landonbug turned 10...
how could he do that to me?!
On Saturday he celebrated with a double header
and cupcakes!
I asked if he was sad to be playing on his birthday
He said it's exactly what he would want to do!
He is having a ball (pun intended) playing competition baseball.
We've been to Pocatello and this weekend it's Provo for a tournament.
I LOVE watching him!
He just started pitching and is doing awesome.
We wish you a happy birthday Landon
we all love you very much!

Top 10 for Landon!
1. Landon is kind.
2. Landon is a worry wart ;)
3. Landon gives when others want.
4. He is sweet.
5. He's becoming a gentleman. I didn't even have to tell him
while we were on our date. He always opened the door for me!
6. He loves to make people laugh.
7. He is a good friend.
8. He's caring. He's the first one there when someone is hurt.
9. He loves animals.
10. He loves words of encouragement.

BTW, for our date, he wanted to go to Training Table for cheese fries!
Then we went to the mall and he picked out a Boston Redsocks jersey...
We had a great time!

p.s. I got some great pics of Landon pitching and hitting,
but my memory card reader is on the blitz, so as soon as that is fixed, I will post about Pocatello, etc.. Stay tuned!
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Christy said...

Time goes by too fast...way too fast. Happy Birthday Landon. Love the pictures, what a handsome fella.

LL said...

If the boy is a RED SOX fan, I think it's time to bring him to BOSTON :)
He's so cute!!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Landon! it sounds like it was a GREAT one!!!

Rachel said...

What a kid! I'm with him on the best birthday is one that involves playing ball. I love that he knows that opening doors for a lady is the gentleman thing to do. I'm sure he learned that from watching his dad. Good examples run true.

Candy said...

Oh Shells,
that pic of him in his uniform is perfect. Those frecklets are to die for!