Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hack job!


Murphy's hack job by Shawn. He still looks cute! Let's take a poll, short or long?
Go vote. now.
My Five:
1. Clippers.
2. a confidant.
3. "secret" ingredients. (you bet I used it!)
4. French dips.
5. sunshine.
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Heather said...

Definetly LONG! He looks like a mutt now. I told you not to cut it!

kelly said...

I like it long too. Or maybe somewhere in the middle.
What is the secret ingredient?
Your five are so cryptic sometimes. I think you should have to elaborate on them. Makes for a longer post and also your readers won't be confused!!!

LL said...

no fair you guys. i live far away, and i NEED the secret meatloaf ingredient. don't leave me with so-so meat loaf, I want the SECRET!
and I vote long on the dog hair... if you're going to cut it short, at least put in one of those funny little bows, like the vet does. :)

Emily said...

short. but you already know that. next time let the groomer do it. i still think he looks adorable.

Emily said...

ps. i gave LL the secret, pass it on to Kelly since she really is the real chef around here! She'll probably laugh, having used "that" for years!

Candy said...

Aparently I am not in this loop.
secret please, Shel.
You ARE cryptic...and that's not fair! :0(
I wan't good meatloaf too!

and I'm all about grooming. :0)
alrighty then,
ba bye.

Carly said...

I too want to know the "secret" and I agree with kelly about being too cryptic. I do love reading you 5 though, they make me think about my own whenever I read them.

Christy said...

He is so cute either way. I'd say short though. I agree with Kelly and Carly; elaborate.