Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"go. Shelby's. house. day."

Jensyn and Stratton, Heather's youngest

1. The fact that Stratton kept saying all day "Go Shelby's house day?"
2. anticipation. (Who just started singing "What time is it" from HSM?)
3. suffrage.
4. snow cones! I'm craving summer!
5. a story Jaxon reminded me of...I'll share:
the day we moved to Bountiful, Jaxon jumped out of the car and immediately went knocking on doors of our new neighborhood to find friends. He went to one of the houses next door (full of girls) and asked if they had any boys and what were their ages. The dad replied that they only had girls and would he like to have a girl for a friend? and Jaxon stated: "No, I'm just looking for boys"!
I wanted to remember that. That's Jaxon for ya.


Heather said...

That's my boy!

Sarah said...

Hey how do you add the friend list on the right side of the page? I have looked in all the settings and havent found it.

Shelby said...

You go to the "template" and then "Add a page element", then you add the person's name and then push the icon and add the www address and then "add". You can name it whatever you want. hope that helps, if not call me!