Thursday, February 14, 2008

hApPy HeArT dAy!

(This is the card I did for card club, not a great picture)
It's supposed to look like a letter!
These are the yummy treats we got from our neighbors! The ones bottom right are Emily' darling Em! And I made suckers again and sent them around to the neighbors.
I hope everyone has a great day with their sweatheart today!

Valentine Five...
1. Hearts.
2. Love.
3. sweet treats.
4. "I love you's"
5. conversation hearts
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LL said...

I'm convinced you guys are living in Mayberry, there in Layton. Taking gifts to your neighbors on V-day. FUN STUFF!
I want to know how you made your lollipops (we can't say suckers here in New England) they look too cute to eat but I'm sure they were YUMMY! So, will you post the recipe? por favor :)

Rachel said...

The boys wanted to make sugar cookies on V-day so I thought it would be fun to take some around to the neighbors. After 2 hours of baking and decorating (the boys abandoned me after 15 minutes) I walked around to deliver cookies... no one was home :(. So I walked back home, undid the plates, put them back in the kitchen and the boys have been eating them up for three days. I'm glad some neighborhoods actually treat their neighbors kindly :) Beautiful flowers! Chad said to me, I know you like Gerber Daisies but I don't know what those are... The roses were still nice. Luv ya!

Amy said...

did i miss something? what's card club?

Shelby said...

Card club is a group of girls in our neighborhood who exchange cards every other month. We usually have a theme and we make an extra "batch" to give to someone who doesn't know about it, etc. It's really fun!