Wednesday, February 13, 2008

getting ready!

Grandma Smith gave the kids each sweatshirts for
Valentine's Day!
Thank you Grandma!
They were very excited (especially Jaxon)

Getting ready for the big day tomorrow! Yep, she's a lefty just like her mama.
Lincoln got up from what he was doing and just gave me a huge hug, didn't say anything. I love it when he does that!
Landon and Jaxon's picture didn't upload, I don't know why, sorry guys!

Today's Five...
1. a secret stash.
2. Valentine hugs.
3. the U.
4. homemade suckers! We made them and they turned out great, but they're gone...already!
5. hopefully the last winter storm! ah-oh, did I just jinx it?!
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Amy said...

Little Wonders is my FAVORITE song ever! I just love it!

Jessica said...

Cute sweatshirts! I love Utah! We visited there often as a kid to go skiing! Fun place~! : )

Candy said...

And of course Jensy's valentine cards are...adorable!
What a great grandma they have, those sweatshirts are darling.

Rachel said...

Brodie also has a U sweatshirt that he wears OFTEN, here he stands out in a crowd, there it is a crowd :)
I miss Lincoln, I think of him every time I see a little kid on a bike that is twice his size, I think Lincoln was the first 3 year old riding a 2 wheeler ever!

Sue said...

She is a mini-me of you! It freaks me out.

LL said...

LOVE the swearshirts-GO Utes!!!
SUCH a cute family Shelby! Happy Valentines day to you guys-

Hydes said...

Happy V-day, the kids look darling in their sweatshirts. Don't you just love Grandmas!!!

Heidi Sue said...

Great Sweatshirts. We love the U.Cute cards and wow, your treats look great.