Tuesday, February 26, 2008

best buddies!

Sam and Landon
how cute is that?

I just came across this cute picture and wanted to share!
Jensyn is the sickie today...throwing up...no fun.
Time to be grateful...
1. Making a cute picture even cuter with black and white effects!
2. Twilightmoms.com (suh-weet!)
3. the word "crizap". I'm going to use this word more.
4. Sprite for a sick tummy.
5. keeping said Sprite down.
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Maureena said...

I'm soooo sorry that you have sick kids. We missed Jensyn coming over today. Is she the last one to get it?

kelly said...

I love pics of my boys getting along.
It reminds me of why I don't kill them when they seem to fight ALL THE TIME.

Christy said...

Best buddies are great to have. That is very cute. Great shot to capture that. Hope you guys get better soon!

Emily said...

I love that picture! I can't wait for soccer season! (did I just say that?)

kelly said...

so I just looked at your post again and read the title, and I'm like, Who the freak is Sam?
And then I read my comment and I am dumb.
I totally thought it was two of your boys. DUH.

Still a cute shot, though.

Emily said...

sam is mine.

Katie said...

I hate when kids are sick. it is so sad. I love the picture.