Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Five...

1. Being tagged! (I think it's fun, even though I'm pretty boring)
2. volunteers.
3. the library.
4. my many blessings.
5. "Do you think I'm ugly, mom?"-Landon, in tears...he then told me about how a girl in his class keeps teasing him. I told him she probably likes him. I remember Derek pulling my piggy tails around the playground and yelling "giddy'up horsie" and how I thought he hated me, too.


LL said...

i'm glad you think it's fun to be tagged, I was only teasing you and Emily on my last blog!
I can't believe you think your boring. Every single one of your posts make me laugh and your 5 a day, STILL MY FAVORITE! you're creative and fun, never boring.
Keep the posts, tags and 5 for the day coming.

Candy said...

Funny...as ever!
Between you and Derek, my heart laughs on a daily basis.

ok, I didn't get what tag your it meant until I realized it was just...nevermind, I'm an idiot.

Holly said...

I love to look at your blog through Laura web page. You have such a cute family. It is so fun to see what a few friends from high school are up to. Glad to hear or see that you are doing great!

Holly Richins Jorgensen