Monday, February 11, 2008


From Laura:

pick 5 songs from your Music collection -(iTunes, CDs, online) whatever...the music you listen to. Then explain WHY you love it. Post your picks and tag a few people of your own!

1. Love Like This...I love her voice and it is so upbeat and happy.
2. Love's new and I love the words.
3.'s catchy and fun.
4. She's My Kind of Rain...I love Tim McGraw's voice and I love the words.
5. Cry. I love Faith Hill and it borders on a rock song and country. Love it.

From Heather:

1 thing I wont let my husband buy me: Bras.
1 think I would love to have, but will probably never have: BMW
1 thing you will never find in my closet: Bikini
1 thing I would choose if I were having elective surgery: tummy tuck
1 thing I love about my face: my nose
1 thing I love to do: water ski
1 thing I would like to change if I could: always feel happy
1 thing I would change as a mom: have more energy
1 thing I would do if I had unlimited money: buy a home with a swimming pool
1 thing I did that I would not do again: go to Vegas with Jason, (I will never live it down)
1 thing I would like to do: get my degree
1 thing I could do without: laundry
1 thing I love to smell: fresh flowers
1 thing I would do if I won the lottery: pay off everyone in my family's debt
1 thing that infuriates me: being judged
1 thing that I love about winter: cuddling in a blanket and reading
1 thing I love about scapbooking: creating something cute
1 thing I am addicted to: sweets
1 thing I pray for: safety
1 thing I wish I had: a money tree
1 thing I would do again, regardless of the pain: get a penicillin shot for strep throat
1 thing I absolutley hate to do: run
1 thing that is weird about me: I can type freakishly fast, with nails!
1 thing that I need help on: there's a lot more than one
1 thing I find most relaxing: a back and leg rub
1 thing that could get me into trouble: Ben's cookies
1 thing that annoys me: courtesy laughs
1 thing I dread; therefore, don't do very often: mountain bike
1 thing that I have learned, but still sometimes forget: I can try harder

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


LL said...

shelby--guess what memory i have of you. In junior high, you ALWAYS won the fastest typing contest. SO, when i read about your freakishly fast typing skills, I had a little BJH flashback-funny hu! (or was it high school? now I can't remember) anyway!!!

Hydes said...

That was so fun to read! I made my blog private and need your e-mail address to invite you as a reader. E-mail me at THANKS!!!

Sue said...

I will be a witness to your freakishly fast fingers! Beef-n-Cheddar, anyone?