Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's Waldo...

Can you spot the three kiddos in the balloons?
I got to decorate for the Blue and Gold Banquet tonight
so we had a car full of balloons!

We were bored waiting at the church for someone to come and open the door and I got this cute picture...
sweet Landon!
sweet Lincoln!
Today's 5
1. Balloons! Everyone smiles at you when you carry balloons around.
2. Blue and Gold Banquet, yummy chinese food.
3. Four kids running around the church for their "exercise" (they didn't learn that from me!)
4. Meeting someone new.
5. It's Friday!!!
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nancy said...

I love your post. Your family is so cute. I love love love that picture of all the kids holding hands walking away from you. So cute. I just looked through your blog history. I love how you have a daily 5 thankful thing. That's so cool - and I love all the cute things you're greatful for. You're so cute, Shelby.
I'm glad I found you blog.
I love blogging!!

Candy said...

That is the best photo! love it.
Lincolns face has one of your "yeah baby, that's right" expresions written all over it.

You are one lucky mommy to have such fun chilies to take care of.
And they are 4 lucky chilies to have a mommy like you.

kelly said...

what a great picture of all four kids walking together.
Good girl!

LL said...

cute pics! are you the Scout Lady???