Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend update

Congratulations Jaxon! He earned his Arrow of Light for scouts,
along with a lot of other awards!
I am so proud of him for working so hard.
I never have to "bug" him about going to scouts!
He loves scouts!
Here he is "pinning" me...

and check out these cute baseball boys!! GO PHILLIES!!
Jensyn also had a friend party on Saturday. I don't have any pictures of this cute party because I left the memory card at home, (aaaahhhh!!!)
It was really fun. She invited 7 of her cute friends and we went to the "Teddy Bear Stuffing Factory" (Build-A-Bear) at Layton Hills mall. They had a blast! She named her cute stuffed kitty "Rosie".

Five for Monday...
1. Mother's Day!! I got some very sweet hand-made cards from the kids. The one from Linc read:
"Happy Momer's Day!" I loved it!

Landon also did a fill-in-the-blank. His read:

She's My Mom!
She is special because she takes care of me
She wonders if we have a good life
She hears, "I love you!"
She sees joy
She wants me and my brothers to stop fighting
She is nice to me
She feels happy when she goes to my games
She is the best mom in the world
She understands sometimes when we are bad
She says "I love you" when we go to bed
She dreams that we will be nice
She tries to be the best mom and she is!
She hopes we will be nice

Love, Landon
(I don't need to say that this Mother's Day was full of tears)

2. My mom.
She would do anything for me. She is selfless. She does what she says she is going to do. She taught me right and wrong. I know she loves me. She does many things for me. She can make me laugh like no one else can. She takes such great care of my dad, she spoils him! But she has shown me how to treat my husband (even though I need to work on that!) I could go on, and on! I love you mom!

3. My sisters and my friends for being great moms! You are a great example to me.

4. 4, 5 and 6-year-old girls! We had a ball!!!

5. Jaxon almost getting a goal at his soccer game!
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Candy said...

You ARE a great Momer! That is so cute.
And Landon, a lot of thought went into that one.
Sounds like a fun weekend.
Congrat Jax.
Cool cat name Jens! :0)

Grandma Scott said...

Thank you for the great compliment.
I learn alot from you to. I loved all the things the kids said about you. They are sweet and they love you very much, as I do. We are so blessed to have the families we do. You are a great example for us to follow. You are so patient and kind to everyone. Congradulation to Jaxon. I would have loved to be there to see him get his award. Love you.

LL said...

Way to go Jaxon! Moving on to the big bad Boy Scouts!!!
Happy Mothers day, you are blessed with such a cute family~

Rachel said...

How fun the boys are on the same team. Love the Chief overseeing the Awards ceremony.
And you really are a great MOM!