Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Why, oh why must my oldest be
and how did this happen...
it wasn't so long ago
that Dr. Rasmussen put this tiny newborn baby
on my chest
and I became a mom.



1. He will usually do anything I ask him, right when I ask him. He's very obedient.

2. Everyone who knows Jaxon knows he has a unique sense of humor! He cracks me up all the time... Like father like son!

3. I love how he gets fixated on something and is very passionate about it. It started when he was just a baby with Barney! and then it was business man, coach, ski patrol, the Utes, Zoey 101, and Legos, and scouts to name a few.

4. He has a special bond with Shawn. They get to ride to work/school together every morning and I'm so glad that they have this time together.

5. He's been through a lot in his 11 years and he's a strong kid. He's been resilient to many things in his life. I love him with all my heart.

I hope the next 11 years SLOW DOWN!
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kelly said...

Happy Birthday to Jaxon!
He's SO OLD! (which means, so are you!) : )

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jax! I'm flooded with memories today as I think about you! I hope you have a great birthday!

Candy said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon. I'm a Utes fan too! You are a great son, your mom and dad love you very much.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon! We love you and are thinking about you. We hope you have a great birthday. By the way I'll bring your present to you on Friday (I'm pulling a Nat) SORRY

Maureena said...

Happy birthday Jaxon!

And Dr. Rassmussen was your doctor? Was this a doctor is Salt Lake, because he delivered my kids, too! You'll have to let me know. Did you know he has a swimming pool shaped like a UofU "U"? He tells his BYU fans that it stands for "Uterus."

LL said...

SO SWEET! Happy Birthday Jaxon!! and GO UTES!!!

Grandma Scott said...

Jaxon, You are such a special grandson. We love you and you funny sense of humor. What a great kid. You are always concerned about others and you are very caring. I can't believe it has been 11 yrs. You are growing up way too fast. Love you very much. Hope you had a great birthday. Sorry we couldn't come for ice cream and cake. Grandpa was still too sick with cellulitis.

Amy said...

such great pics! he's very handsome!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday jaxon!! you're 11!!!! congrats!!