Friday, May 9, 2008

j. june

Happy Birthday to Jensy!
She has been the "star" student all week.
Today I went to her class to talk about her
and bring treats...
donuts, of course.
(she is her mother's daughter)

Today is your day!
Jensyn, you are indeed a princess
a very special kind of princess ;)
We love you so very much.
6 will be great!

Jensyn loves:
Hannah Montana
riding bikes
playing with friends
playing with my make-up
climbing trees
going to the park

I'd like to share what she wrote me for Mother's Day,
it shows a little bit of her personality (she had to fill in the blanks):

My favorite thing to do with my mom is...
go shopping!

My mom is special because...
she's my favorite mom.

I like it when my mom...
helps me.

My mom can do many things! I think she's best at...

My mom is smart! She even knows...

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Candy said...

Jensy June.
Super Sweet Silly Girl.
Happy Birthday! I bet your Mom got great Doughnuts for your class.
She loves you So So Much.
Enjoy your presents little
"special kind" of princess.

LL said...

she's so CUTE! Happy Birthday Jensyn. I love the last answer!
sweet girl~

Emily said...

Sweet baby Jensy, thank you for coming to this earth 6 years ago and saving your moms are loved.

Nancy fancy pants said...

That's just so precious. Dang girl! You have such beautiful children. Jensen is so sweet. I love the pics of her.

Amy said...

are your kids truly just like 2 days apart? wow! may's a busy month for you!

Rachel said...

So sweet.
So cute.
So girl.

I didn't realize everyone had birthdays so close together. Wow, busy month!

Sue said...

So sweet! Aren't girls great?! We always do doughnuts too...yummmm!

Grandma Scott said...

Jensyn is truly a princess who is a little Shelby. She looks so much like you did it is spooky. What a sweet card she made you for Mothers Day. Especially about knowing Jesus, what a perfect thing to say. We love her so much.

The Jorgensens said...

Very cute tribute she paid to you!

Happy Mothers Day Shelby!