Friday, May 16, 2008


THE BIG 9...

Five for Landon:

1. Landon is our peacemaker. He has a very tender heart and likes to keep the peace. How grateful I am for that!
2. Landon is a giver. I remember countless times when there somehow isn't enough for everyone and he is the first to give up his, without even thinking about it. He never wants anyone to feel left out. For a 9-year-old, I think that's pretty great!
3. Landon is all boy! He is awesome at sports! His favorites are baseball and soccer. He has been playing comp soccer and loves it. We love watching him play sports and I'm amazed how easy it is for him.
4. He is always willing to do whatever I ask him (as long as I use my "nice" voice!)
5. I love his laugh. He's very funny. The other day we were waiting in the car for something and he flips down the viser and says in a funny voice: "I'm lookin' goooo000d".
Also, we always talk about Landon's six pack. I'll have to post a picture, because it's awesome. The other day he lifted up his shirt and said "How many packs do I have?"


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Emily said...

Happy Birthday Landy!!! You are a sweet boy and such a good friend! I hope you have a fun day!

Candy said...

Landon, you ARE a handome dude. Those girls must be all over you. NO girlfriends til you're at least 10.
Happy Birthday

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Landon! We are thinkin' bout ya and love ya!
Cute picture of you Shelby. (You lookin' good) Call me @ 5949.

Grandma Scott said...

Happy Birthday Landon. You are a sweet boy and a peacmaker just like you Mom says. I remember you giving up things when needed. We love you very much and love to watch you play sport, especially baseball. You are great and they are lucky to have you for a son. Have a great day.

kelly said...

Happy Birthday Landon!

Nancy fancy pants said...

How many packs... that's so cute!
I just love Landon. And he's always been so sweet to Zach. I am so grateful for kids like Landon who love those around him. There aught to be more kids like Landon in this world!

The Jorgensens said...

Happy birthday to your boy! You look gorgeous Shelby!

Katie said...

Wow- your kids have close birthdays! They are growing up fast.

LL said...

i agree with everything Holly said!
this month is such a BUSY month, it's birthday time for you!!!