Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last night was the first baseball game!!
It was soooo cold...
Here are the highlights...
J and J goofing off!
LJ getting ready to bat! He got a hit and the last out of the game playing third base!
Here's L freezing at short-stop. He's got an arm. He caught the ball and threw to first and got an out! They won 4-0.

I just LOVE watching them play! It was so cold and it didn't even phase them! They are such die hards! They were so excited and had so much fun. I'm so glad they get to be on the same team.

Thursday Five...

1. A sad goodbye to Derek and Shannon. I really liked them and hated to see them go. But I think we'll be seeing more of them together ;o)
2. deep cleaning. I worked my butt off today and even moved our King size bed, just me and Jx.
3. snow again. oh well. maybe we'll get a longer summer. What am I thinking, it's Utah!
4. a really wonderful birthday! Shawn got a really yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was so delish! (I', so glad calories don't count on your birthday-it's a free day, right?!)
5. Spotted puppy book club. The new book is Maisie Dobbs. It's a mystery. It's awesome! You should check it out at spotted puppy!

p.s. Survivor and The Office tonight! Yay!
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Rachel said...

Baseball ROCKS! Even in the cold its the best sport around.
You make me smile at the deep clean day. I had this itch yesterday and cleaned all afternoon. It feels so good to have a clean house & all the laundry done for just one night.

LL said...

fun to have brothers on the same team--LUCKY! :)

Candy said...

Your babes are so cute. Mama bear watch'n her kids, nothin' like it.
I bet your heart was melting.

Nancy fancy pants said...

I love that first picture of Jackson and Jesnsen. Your kids are so cute!

And I loved seeing pics of you and your honey when you were first married.