Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jensyn went to the zoo with her Kindergarten! She was so excited. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go with them ;) so thanks to my friend Robyn, I still got to see the fun she had! Her and her best friend, we'll call M. She said her very favorite was the penguins and her least favorite were the snakes!
1. end-of-school field trips!
2. a good friend to share pictures
3. Kristy won Dancing! GIRL POWER!
4. A wish come true.
5. fresh raspberries, yum!


Candy said...

how cute is that. Jensy is growin' up.

The Jorgensens said...

Love the Zoo field trips! NOT so much the bus ride there :)

LL said...

you must be super busy...I miss your blog updates!

Rachel M said...

A fellow Dancing with the Stars lover! Yay! We'll have to talk when next season rolls around:)

Davis's in Deutschland said...

I miss your updates. Is everything okay? Hope to get together soon now that school is over!

Amy said...

your kids are truly the cutest ever!