Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bloggin' blues...

I got the blues...
the bloggin' blues.

Until I saw these pictures-
and they lifted my spirits!

Summer is so sweet!
and I have four reasons
why I can't wait for Summer!
(k, maybe I can a little bit!)

Five for Fun...
1. being on the winning team 10-0! The way Lincoln hits the base and swings that bat like nobody's business. At least he doesn't point anymore! and the way Landon catches that ball and throws to first...every time.
2. Shawn not working late tonight.
3. Goodbye to Marissa. It was time.
4. I can't BELIEVE Parvati won!!! (who's with me?)
5. the mighty dollar.

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The Jorgensens said...

Cute pics Shelby. Seeing the kids enjoy summer outside is my only favorite part of summer. I can do with out the summer clothes....however am I to hide fat arms in the summer???? :)

Candy said...

Look at those cute kids
summah time summah time...
fun fun summah time.
NO! I can't believe Parvati won? How?

kelly said...

Who is Parvati?
(don't hate me)

Davis's in Deutschland said...

I can't wait for summer either! I love the picutres of the kids. I CAN'T believe Parvati won. What were they thinking? Maybe the love monolog did Amanda in? But I loved it! Hope we get a minute to catch up this weekend.

Shelby said...

Parvati won Survivor!