Monday, May 5, 2008

All Aboard!

Saturday night we went to Real Salt Lake vs.
LA Galaxy soccer game!
It was soo fun!
Shawn had this brilliant idea to take the frontrunner
to the game...
it made for quite the adventure!

There's really nothing like seeing Beckham up close and personal!
We had a great time!
1. getting on the wrong Trax after the game, what an adventure!
2. 90 minutes by train, 20 minutes by car, go figure!
3. b.e.c.k.h.a.m. (no need to say more)
4. hot dogs and kettle corn.
5. nice gentlemen giving up their seat.
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Nancy fancy pants said...

You're so pretty, Shelby!

Sue said...

Jensyn is totally your mini-me! I have flashbacks every time I see a picture of her. Too cute!

kelly said...

What fun! I have it on my to do list to take my boys on a train ride.
Cute picture of you.

Candy said...

What a fun family outting. And seeing Beckham play to boot!
Aye CHi Wahwah!

The Jorgensens said...

It was nice to see you there...from a distance :)

LL said...

Shelby. why is it that you look the same as you did in HIGH SCHOOL? (and that's a COMPLIMENT)
You're beautiful.
Cute cute pics, sounds like a fun outing.

Heather said...

Glad to see you changed your blog!

Grandma Scott said...

That looks like fun. I am dying to take a Trax ride. You will have to tell me about getting on the wrong train. You all look great. What fun. Love you all.

Hydes said...

So fun!!!

Emily said...

Cute pics, I'm glad you guys had a fun night!