Friday, April 4, 2008

spring soccer has sprung!

Landon's first soccer game tonight...
Jaxon was freezing,
I told him to bring a jacket.
He promised next time he would listen.
Landon coming in for half time...
Lincoln riding his ripstick with his buddy...

Someone's missing, you say?
Miss Jensyn was at her first "lateover"

Friday Five...

1. winning 1-0.
2. a very sweet tribute from a very sweet friend.
3. hand-me-downs.
4. firsts.
5. 5 weeks!
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Holly said...

Now that Shelby is injured and I will not be seeing any soccer I think I am going to have withdrawls. I love soccer! Maybe Ill just stop by a random field and watch kids I dont even know! I saw the tribute to you on your friends blog, very very sweet!
Have a good weekend!

Camille said...

I loved the tribute by your friend. All very true. You are a great friend to all you meet. I'm glad I know you. You are the best! Love you

Candy said...

5 weeks, you keep it up!
saw the tribute, that is just you.

Also, gotta love the soccer.

Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Don't you love soccer?! Low stress, super fun, no it! Although, my opinion may change when I'm doing soccer for 2 kids (with another 2 in tow) with no husband this fall. Yikes!

LL said...

love your #4. I thought about you this week, as we were trying to arrange 3 baseball schedules. There are so many nights in a week. I thought, I wonder how Shelby does it.
Cutest pics on Kellys blog. You're BEAUITFUL!