Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh not "the Goot"...

(chanting) "Goot, Goot, Goot, Goot".
Poor Steven Guttenberg. One of my favorites. It was a sad day on Dancing With The Stars last night, am I right? Dang it.

I had myself a good laugh yesterday! I told Shawn if I got at least one person I would be happy. You should have seen me at my computer that morning giggling to myself like a schoolboy. Thus, I am happy!

Five For Today:

1. Well I didn't get to go on my jalk today because it was raining too hard when I wanted to go. Maybe this evening when Shawn gets home. All is not lost! And I was able to get semi-caught-up on the laundry!

2. RockBand with Kellyannie! What great fun! June 22nd people, is the day RockBand comes out for the wii. We are so totally getting it!

3. Nelson's frozen custard. It's been a while, but worth the wait! Soo good. I can't even describe how good.

4. so Baseball is going to be starting on top of soocer! It's about to get tricky here at the Smith's. But the good news is that Lincoln and Landon get to be on the same team for baseball! This will be great because last season I had to miss some of their games. It only worked out because Lincoln made the deadline (April 30) and Landon barely misses it. sweet.

5. a cute husband who leaves fun messages for me on the machine... the one today went something like this:

"um, hi...yeah, I was looking in the dictionary under the most beautiful woman in the world and it said (my name) at this number, so if you could have her call me, I would really appreciate it..."

I was rolling my eyes, of course

I know...cheesy, but still sweet and so Shawn!


Candy said...

Shelby Lou, I didn't comment yesterday, I was too busy trying to think of a good one myself, I never could. Anyway...I can just see you giggling at your computer. Hopfully not peeing your pants. That was a good one.

That message sounds just like Shawn.

Have a good day!
-OH, and Nelson's Custard...
ya,to die for!

LL said...

love Shawns message--that's a good one!
it was fun to see that you were able to trick a couple people with your april fools joke! That was a good one.

Holly said...

Your husband sounds really sweet ;)

Sue said...


Erin said...

Couldn't help but smile at Shawn's message. And nice April Fool's joke! I was sitting there thinking. . tubes "untied?" is that even possible?