Monday, April 7, 2008

I made a new friend on my jalk...

He's a good listener.

Monday Five...

1. a day off with Shawn.

2. breakfast in bed, (love you babe!), nothin like eggs and toast in bed.

3. get off my jalk. say it again. get off my jalk. get it? -hee hee.

What I mean is the rain. It poured on me today. and I liked it.

4. When Jaxon calls himself the J-man.

5. a very nice funeral service.


LL said...

your posts are always so fun for me. love the cow, glad you have a jalking friend.

Holly said...

The cow is hot!


Camille said...

I can't believe you take your camera with you. You are so funny.

kelly said...


Candy said...

when I read camille's comment at first I though it said, I can't believe you take your COW with you. Then I realized it said camera.

MOO-ve over comes Shelby.
oh wait,