Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brag Alert!

I think it's so cute because in Lincoln's class if someone starts "bragging" his teacher calls out "Brag Alert!"

So now Lincoln's started doing it, because apparently "bragging" is not allowed.
It makes the kids so upset. It brings them to tears. They even do it to me! This, I don't understand. I mean I do, but at their age?! (sigh.)

Today's Five...
1. I can't wait for this first baseball practice to be over because then Landon will stop asking me every 5 minutes questions about said baseball practice.
2. Snow and sun today. Yes, in the same sentence. Ahhh...only in Utah!
3. Listening to High School Musical on my walk today. Not my choice, but I couldn't find my ipod so I had to take Lincoln's. Luckily, there were some good songs on it.
4. my new vanilla swirl lip gloss. Anyone who knows me, knows I love vanilla.
5. pretzels.


LL said...

i say BRAG-ON! kids at that age should be proud of every little thing.
That's funny that he's calling everyone on it.
cute kids!

Nancy fancy pants said...

Lincoln likes High School Musical? That's cute!
Swirl lip gloss - also cute!
Landon picture on the side is so sweet.

And a teacher that calls out brag alert? That's just normal kid stuff - every kid brags about everything - I guess if it brings a kids to tears then it has crossed the line. But in my experience (in primary classes and at home) if a kid starts bragging about something... suddenly every other kid has done the same exact thing...
It's just kids being excited about their lives... no harm in that...
just my opinion.

I have something for you, I'll bring it over today.

Candy said...

Isn't that Shawn?
Landon-Shawn, Shawn- Landon.

Anyway. We have had a few talks with Tyson lately about the "B" word.
A few weeks ago as he left the house, Todd and I both called out his name and he turned and said "I know, I know, no bragging.

Lincoln is soo cute and sweet. How do you resist those eyes of his.